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Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is the group responsible for producing all circulation coins of Canada as well as manufacturing circulation coins for many other nations. The Mint is a Canadian Crown corporation and is in operation based on the Royal Canadian Mint Act. Understanding the role of the Royal Canadian Mint allows coin collectors to see where it all started. Coins have been created within the Mint since it was established on January 2nd 1908. The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and there are currently two locations of which the Mint operates Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Early Beginnings

The Royal Canadian Mint began after Canada became their own nation. When this happened, more coinage was needed. Before the Royal Canadian Mint was created, coins were minted for Canada at the Royal Mint of London or the Heaton Mint in London. The Royal Mint eventually gave authorization for a facility to be built in Ottawa in 1901 after it was first proposed in 1890. The Canadian Mint was born in 1908, many years after approval was given. It was not until 1960 that a second facility was mentioned. N.A. Parker held the role as the Master of Mint and Parker told the Minister of Finance that a second facility was needed as the Ottawa branch had reached capacity. It was not until 1976 that a second facility would open in Winnipeg.

Circulation of Canadian Coins

The core mandate of the Royal Canadian Mint is to produce as well as manage the distribution of circulation coinage for Canada. The Mint must also provide advice to the Minister of Finance as they see fit on the subject of coinage. With today’s operations, as many as two billion circulation coins for Canada are struck every year at the facility located in Winnipeg.

For Canadian coins, the effigy of the reigning monarch is placed on each coin. This has been so since the Mint began in 1908 with the image placed on the obverse side. On the reverse, designs have changed over the years to depict varying images from animals to objects. New commemorative designs are introduced from time to time to celebrate the history, values or culture of Canada.

Visit the Mint

If you have an interest in learning how Canadian coinage is made or collect coins, you would enjoy visiting the Royal Canadian Mint. Tour the facility in Ottawa or Winnipeg, even Vancouver, viewing the latest collections of gold and silver coins. Interactive guided tours are offered at each facility where you can view displays of coins as well as get a behind-the-scenes look at the facilities used to create coinage. Visit the boutique when finished with the tour to shop for gifts, souvenirs, collector coins and more.

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