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Coin collectors and lovers of numismatics usually have no trouble finding plenty of interesting and rare coins for their collections. However, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced coin collector with an impressive number of coin items, finding particular pieces can sometimes be challenging.
Also, because coins exist in countless shapes, sizes and can fetch different values because of it, they can be very expensive to obtain. All this forces collectors to seek out the best possible deals in order to enrich their collections. If finding lucrative deals is something you are interested in, by all means, come down to Colonial Acres.

Searching For One-Of-A-Kind Coin Deals? Check Out the Colonial Acres’ Unique Deals Sale

Assembling a coin collection can be a difficult and time-consuming task. But often enough, it ends up being more than worth the trouble when you are able to find that one-of-a-kind piece that becomes the crown of your collection. Be it because of rarity, face value, historical significance or pristine condition, such pieces are worth the trouble of searching and spending time on. That is exactly what Colonial Acres Coins has found a way to fix.
Colonial Acres’ Unique Deals include only one-of-a-kind items that get posted once a week every Sunday. Typically you can expect to see around 200 brand new items acquired over the course of time and each and every one of the pieces is not only unique in some way but is offered by Colonial Acres as a one-time deal opportunity!

What Kind Of Deals Can I Expect To Find At Colonial Acres’ Unique Deals Sale?

Each of the unique deals offer is an opportunity not to be missed. There are several categories you can choose deals from, and they include:
  • Deals on Canadian paper money
  • Deals on Canada Decimal – 1 cent to $2
  • Deals on Royal Canadian Mint items
  • Deals on tokens, medals, medallions, and stamps
  • Deals on world coins, paper money, and sets
  • Deals on silver and gold bullion
  • Deals on rolls of coins
  • Deals on estate and bulk lots
  • Deals on USA coins, paper money, and sets
  • Deals on miscellaneous coin collecting supplies
Colonial Acres Coins is a premier coin dealer that also performs appraisals and shares information and knowledge with both hobbyist collectors and other numismatics professionals. With a history that goes back two decades, it is clear that the Colonial Acres’ Unique Deals is the opportunity to get your hands on hard-to-find or –afford coin pieces to add to your collection. The Unique Deals are updated every Sunday so don’t waste time and take advantage of these incredible one-time offers.