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Searching for rare and interesting coins to add to your collection is an activity that can take up much of your time and resources. Valuable pieces can end up fetching astronomical prices because of a number of different factors. When looking to expand their collections, many collectors have to resort to finding deals that allow them to both get the pieces they want and save money in the process.

However, that is not a bad thing. In fact, deals are the ideal opportunity to not just get the pieces you want at lower costs, but also create relationships with fellow collectors and dealers at the same time. The perfect opportunity to accomplish both from the comfort of your home are Colonial Acres’ Online Blowout Specials.

What Are Colonial Acres’ Blowout Specials And How Can You Benefit From Them?

Colonial Acres’ Blowout Specials is an online sale that offers coin collectors an opportunity to get amazing deals on more than 120 items from the Colonial Acres catalog. The online sale takes place on the second Friday of each month at exactly 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All you need to do to benefit from this online sale is simply go to the Blowout Specials page on the website at the said time and simply take your pick. A few clicks of the mouse and your coin collection can be larger by a number of valuable, yet affordable pieces. 

In order to keep in touch with everything Colonial Acres has to offer, including but not limited to many items available through the Blowout Specials Sale every second Friday of the month, join the Colonial Acres mailing list. You will be able to receive notifications and promotion updates on a number of coins as their price drops and they become more affordable.

What Kind Of Items Are On Offer In The Blowout Specials Online Sale?

There are around 120 items offered through the Blowout Specials Online Sale. They range from interesting coins and pieces to coin supplies, gift sets, paper money and many other items. Here is a small part of what you can typically expect from the Blowout Specials Online Sale:

  • 2014 Canada Birthday Gift Set With Commemorative Loon (priced at $8.95, down from $20.00)
  • 2014 Canada $15 Maple Hologram – Maple of Longevity Fine Silver (priced at $42.90, down from $98.88)
  • 2016 Canada $15 National Heroes – Police Fine Silver (priced at $39.00, down from $70.00);
  • Canada Proof-Like Set of Coins: 1980 to 1988. 12 pcs (priced at $12.25, down from $26.00);
  • SB191 – 1988 $50.00 Note With Thiessen Crow Signatures in AU-UNC Condition (priced at $72.95, down from $95.00)
  • Zombie Copper 1oz Set of 8 Coins With Different Designs (priced at $27.90, down from $50.00)
  • 2015 Canada $25 Star Charts: Wounded Bear Fine Silver (#2) (priced at $75.00, down from $110.00 list price)
  • Numerous other RCM items, Gold & Silver Bullion, coins supplies and the like.

*Note, these prices are examples, and do not necessarily reflect the items currently on sale*

Colonial Acres Coins: Your Premier Provider Of Unique Coin Deals & Specials

Visit Colonial Acres Coins to get your hands on countless deals and rare coin pieces. In addition to offering Blowout Specials and Unique Sales of coins, coin supplies, and other numismatics-related items, Colonial Acres is home to experienced professionals who are more than happy to help you with everything from expert appraisals to advice. Don’t miss out on the next Blowout Specials Sale and get some valuable coin pieces at ridiculous sale prices.