Collection: Selling Jewellery

Selling your Old, Broken, Unwanted Gold Jewellery?

No appointments are needed (Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm).

Simply bring all your Gold or Silver jewellery in to our store and we will assess your jewellery based on the Purity (Karat) and Pay you Top Dollar on the Spot if you decide to sell.

Quick Tips for an Easy transaction:

  • Remove all costume Jewellery as we cannot offer anything for these items (if you are not sure bring it along and we will take a look at it for you)
    • One quick and easy way to check to see if something is gold or silver is to run a strong magnet over the piece. If it sticks to the magnet, it is definitely not gold or silver. Remember that not all metals are magnetic, so even if your piece does not stick to the magnet, that does not mean that it is gold or silver.
  • Almost all Jewellery will be stamped with a Purity Stamp
    • Gold Jewellery should be marked as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K (international you may see a Numeric Stamp .416, .585, .750, .916)
    • Silver Jewellery should be stamped with .925, .800, or Sterling (international silver may have image stamps)
    • Note: Pieces which state “plate“, “electroplate” or “filled” will not be pure. These terms mean that there is a coating of gold or silver over top of a base metal. Unfortunately, we do not purchase plated or filled items.
  • We will deduct weight for Semi Precious stones.
    • Larger stones may need to be removed from the piece in order to get an accurate weight
  • Diamonds
    • We do buy diamonds! In some cases, we may be able to offer more for your piece if the diamond(s) are larger than .10 ct. Small diamonds, such as chip size or up to .10 ct, we are unable to offer any added value for, though sometimes we will offer the diamond or diamonds’ weight in gold. You are always welcome to keep the diamond if it is removable.
  • Dental Gold
    • Please remove all impurities from dental gold prior to bringing them to the store. We may not accept dental gold with any remains still attached. Impurities are easily removed with a hammer or pliers.

Valid Photo ID is required and you must be 18 yrs of age.

Thank you for Helping us Serve You Better, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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