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On Saturday

November 10th, 2018

Colonial Acres Coins hosted a community event celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the ceasefire that ended the First World War (otherwise known as the Armistice). We welcomed over 650 people to a coin exchange. They brought in their toonies to receive the new coloured Armistice toonie and were able to meet the artist of the coin – Laurie McGaw. She has been with the Royal Canadian Mint since 2012, creating and designing many of the Mints’ Historical WW1 coins and coins about the Royal Family. She has a passion for people and the art she creates. She really helped all of us to understand the symbols of war through the helmet and poppies and truly how many drawings it takes to get just the coin just right.

From an employee perspective, the Coin Exchange was amazing to see. Both young and old members of our community lining up almost an hour before we opened for the day. Some veterans were in attendance, and people had traveled as far at Rochester NY! There was a good feeling of why everyone had gathered in one place. I hope this year the Armistice coin helps all of us to pause and think about what the soldiers had done for us so many years ago. How soldiers are still in the fight today, to keep us all safe. I know that all of us here at Colonial Acres Coins have a deeper understanding and respect for all the lives that have been lost – BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.

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