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The Perth Mint facility was originally created by the United Kingdom in 1899 for the purpose of refining gold and minting sovereigns due to the miners of those years exchanging gold to pay for their goods and other necessities. At that time there was not much currency in circulation. The building of the Perth Mint facility occurred prior to the establishing in June 1901, of the Federation of Australia.

Today, Perth mint coins continue to be produced as well as the manufacture of other numismatic items of the gold industry, alongside the Royal Australian Mint. These coins are sought by collectors and investors to add to their coin collections. Collecting coins, in general, can be a fun hobby, and it is interesting to learn about the Perth Mint Coins as well as about the Mint Coins of New Zealand.

An interesting fact is that from the creation of the Perth Mint in 1899 until 1931 more than 106 million gold sovereigns and over 700,000 half-sovereigns were struck for the Australian currency needs. During 1987, changes to the facilities enabled the Perth Mint to strike coins in gold, silver, and platinum, as the legal tender coinage of Australia. Then, in 2011, Perth Mint produced the biggest, heaviest, and most valuable coin in the world. It weighed eighty centimeters in its diameter and twelve centimeters in thickness and was produced in 99.99% pure gold. This Perth minted coin broke the record set previously by the Royal Canadian Mint

How the New Zealand Mint coins came about

New Zealanders began using coins in the early 1800’s, with various coinages from around the world traded based on the content of the metal. Today, New Zealand Mints coins not only for the use of New Zealand, but also bullion coins and collector coins for other Pacific nations such as Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Tuvalu. The New Zealand Mint is a privately owned enterprise and operates as a purchaser of refined gold from international sources in order to mint New Zealand coins. The Mint works with gold bullion and also provides a storage area for its coin production.

It was in 1840 that the Governor of New Zealand extended British laws to New Zealand to allow standard gold, silver, and bronze British coins to circulate freely in the country and they became the official legal tender in 1870, along with the Australian Sovereign and half-sovereign. From 1935, British coins were discontinued as legal tender and New Zealand mint coins only circulated.

Coins and the Movies

Both the Oceana Mints produce several high-quality coins and coin sets related to the movie scenario. These include collections of Star War Coins as well as coins of several of the Disney characters. Other popular coin items that collectors look for are silver coins depicting Lunar Calendar Series, Koala, and Kookaburra.

At Colonial Acres, we can assist you with the collection of coins from the Perth Mint as well as the New Zealand Mint. We offer appraisals and sell coins from around the world to assist individuals in growing their collections.