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If you are an avid coin collector the start of any new year is something to look forward too. In January 2018 the Royal Canadian Mint launches some of its core products to direct distributors to share with the public. Some of these products include new coin designs that feature the beauty of Canada or historical figures and new monthly subscription collections. For 2018 some of these include the Classic Canadian Uncirculated Proof Like Set, the Captain Cook silver dollar, and the baby feet silver coin.

2018 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint produces all of Canada’s circulation coins and has a long history that dates back to its founding in 1908. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most recognizable and leading manufacturers of numerous numismatic products such as one of kind commemorative silver and gold coins, tokens and medallions, medals, and bullion coins. Ask any coin collector and they will tell you that finding new coins is a pursuit and a passion. A quote from the mint.ca “Coins have meaning. Beyond the gold, beyond the silver, that's what gives them value…..To a collector, a coin can be precious for many reasons: as a piece of history, as an expression of a culture, as a work of art. And every Canadian coin has a singular story to tell.”

2018 marks the 110th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint, and to celebrate this milestone it has prepared a number of special edition coins and other products to collect and mark the occasion. Some of the special released coins include:


The Royal Canadian Mint Edition Pure Silver Rose Gold-Plated Maple Leaf Quartet

Paying tribute to 30 years of history, this quartet’s creative take on the idea of a fractional set is truly unique. Featuring a fraction of a reverse design by Canadian Artist Pierre Leduc, each of the four pure silver coins is square-shaped. The four reverse images come together as one when placed together to form a larger square. In unity, they comprise the sugar maple leaf; the same symbol that has, since 1988, decorated the reverse of the RCM’s Silver Maple Leaf (SML) bullion coin. This unique set represents both a secure choice for investors and a wildly popular collectible.
2018 Canada Maple Leaf Quartet Thirty Years (1988-2018)
2018 Canada $15 Lunar Lotus Year of the Dog Fine Silver

The 2018 1 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Ice Crystals

Boasting a sampling of differently shaped snow crystals skillfully engraved in outstanding detail, this coin beautifully depicts an idyllic snowfall. Showcasing the artwork of three snow crystals, this 1 oz. Pure Silver Coin allows owners to hold the magic of a true Canadian winter in their hands. The icy essence of the crystal artwork is captured by the luminous effect of blue sparkle enamel. Exquisitely manufactured with outstanding attention to detail, each crystal’s etched arms are unique in their intricacy. The previous 2017 Snowflake coin has completely sold out, so hurry and order your 2018 Ice Crystal coin today before it is too late. Learn more.

The 2018 5 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Polar Bear Soapstone Sculpture

Because they were each hand-carved by Canadian artist Dave Zachary, no two polar bear sculptures on these coins are quite identical. That means each of these unique coins is a work of art in its own right. Only 1,300 of these coins will be made worldwide, meaning you’d best get your hands on one while you still have the opportunity. The coin’s 65.25 mm wide surface provides a large enough base for the soapstone sculpture, and the light-reflective nature of the Arctic landscape is mimicked by the proof-quality 99.99% pure silver. This is indeed a gorgeous coin you will admire time and time again.

The 2018 Pure Gold One Kilogram Lunar Lotus Coin – Year of the Dog

This coin represents an exceptional collecting opportunity as it will be made in an extremely low mintage of just 10 coins worldwide. Part of the highly-popular Lunar series that features coins of the Chinese zodiac, this is the 9th in a series of 12 coins. Made from 1 kilogram of 99.99% pure gold, it depicts a dog in its design; an animal known for its loyalty, sincerity, and intelligence. This exquisitely unique scallop-shaped coin pays tribute to all who are born under the sign of the Dog, which makes it a perfect way to celebrate 2018.

Whether you are new to coin collecting or looking to continue adding coins to your growing portfolio, our knowledgeable staff at Colonial Acres can help. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the 2018 Royal Canadian coin sets, the best display option for your needs, or anything else that you need assistance with. Contact us today!

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1 Oz $20 Ice Crystal Fine Silver Coin