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2018 Captain Cook at Nootka Sound Silver Dollar Proof Set

2018 Captain Cook at Nootka Sound silver dollar proof set

In 2018, the Royal Canadian Mint released a special edition silver proof set, including a proof dollar, to commemorate Captain Cook at Nootka Sound. This was the only proof set released by the RCM that year (although there are two versions of it). It marks a noteworthy event in the history of Canada and global exploration. Cook's voyage had a lasting impact on the history of the Pacific region. Check out more about 2018 royal canadian mint items

The Coins in the Set

2018 Canadian silver dollar set

Both versions of this 2018 Canadian silver dollar set are seven-coin sets. They feature the medallion silver dollar, as well as a two-dollar coin, standard one-dollar coin, 50-cent piece, 25-cent piece, 10-cent piece and five-cent piece.

The Captain Cook coin is the centrepiece, and all of the coins are 99.99% silver. The one-dollar coin is gold-plated, and the two-dollar coin features a gold-plated core, matching the style of normal loonies and toonies.

The two versions of the set are differentiated by the designs of the proof coins. The standard edition proof coin is partially gold-plated and features an image of Captain Cook arriving at a village of the Nuu-chah-nulth at Nootka Sound. The HMS Resolution and HMS Discover are in the background. There is also a group of indigenous people paddling out to meet Cook’s crew. The reverse design was created by John Horton.

The special edition version of the set includes a coloured proof coin with a profile of Cook and a Mowachaht chief. They surround an engraving of the HMS Resolution. The selective colour included in this design helps bring the scene to life. This design was created by artist Maskull Lasserre.

Both proof coins feature Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. This familiar portrait was designed by Susanna Blunt.

The Story of Captain Cook at Nootka Sound

2018 Canada Captain Cook at Nootka Sound Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set

Captain Cook is a legend of maritime exploration. During three voyages in the 18th century, he became the first European to visit places such as New Zealand and Australian’s east coast as well as the first to cross the Antarctic Circle. It is his third voyage to the Pacific coast of Canada that is memorialized in this proof coin release.

Although Cook was not the first to visit the Pacific coast, his voyage was particularly long. This helped him and his crew to better explore and chart the coast. Furthermore, his visit to Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island lasted for a month while his crew repaired their ships. The extended-stay helped to establish trade relations with the local tribe, the Mowachat group of the Nuu-chah-nulth. Cook’s crew relied on trade with the locals to help resupply their voyage. This visit helped open up international trade in the region and enhanced exploration along the coast.

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