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2018 1 oz $20 ice crystals fine Silver Coin

It’s dazzlingly beautiful, artistically spectacular and a representation of the finest Canadian craftsmanship. In its tiny circular frame lives a large volume of worth, though it carries a face value of twenty dollars. What is it you may ask? None other than the spectacular pure silver coin created and sold by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2018. This 1oz Pure Silver Ice Crystal coin is the perfect addition to any coin collection.

A Collector’s Dream Realized

This coin is a collector’s dream because of the value it brings to any catalogue. The fact that it is 99.99% pure silver adds to its value, making it the perfect addition to any precious collectibles set. The superb craftsmanship displayed on the reverse is enough to make any coin enthusiast shiver with excitement. If you, like millions of others around the world, admire nature, and more specifically, snowflakes then this coin has a spectacular treat for you. The coin features three individual snowflakes. Each is meticulously carved in a metallic substance to reveal the tiniest detail. Each reflects a different shade of sparkling blue, a colour that has always been associated with ice as well as its own unique shape symbolizing the diversity of our world. The proof finish is the proverbial icing on the cake as it enhances the dazzling beauty of the craftsmanship of this coin.

The pristine beauty of the coin should come as no surprise to seasoned collectors when they learn that the reverse is designed by the incredibly talented Canadian artist Don Komarechka. Don’s famous nature-inspired works have wowed art lovers in Canada and around the world for decades. Like much of his other works of art, this masterpiece aptly reflects Don Kamarechka’s ability to capture nature and deliver its superb form to patrons. One look at the reverse of this coin is sufficient to transport onlookers into a magical snowy paradise where tranquility dominates and relaxation reigns supreme.

The obverse, which features the Canadian staple design by Susanna Blunt, with an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second adds to the air of elegance that surrounds this precious collectible. Susanna Blunt, like Komarechka, is an artist with a formidable reputation reflecting her rich background ( she was born of British Ancestry in China and grew up in British Columbia) and extensive training which started at the Banff School of Fine Arts.

The purity of this coin is indisputable with GHT/HST free status and Royal Canadian Mint certification and individualized serial number. With the assurance that your coin is devoid of these sullying elements, you can revel in its beauty and perfection.

A Great Gift Option!

This ice crystal fine silver coin is the perfect gift for varying occasions and relationship types. This level of flexibility makes it a gem for those who find themselves in a jam of indecisiveness when trying to purchase gifts. Of course, it is without a doubt a great gift to present to any avid collectibles collector. But it can also be gifted to friends, family members and children of all ages and anyone who admires and respects nature.

Get Yours Today

This ice crystal fine silver coin is very rare in availability as only 6000 were produced. Coupled with this low mintage, it has a history of being sold out quickly as its debut version disappeared from shelves rapidly in 2018. In fact, they flew off the shelves so quickly that many avid collectors were left disappointed. However, these coins are never truly gone so check out our 2018 Silver Commemorative Coins Collection today and find this coin plus many more.

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