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Blockbuster movies like Man of Steel, Justice League and Suicide Squad have brought superheroes back to the forefront of people's minds. It is certainly entertaining (and to an extent, comforting or even satisfying) to watch them save the world from the forces of evil on screens in theaters around the world. But even as we understand their fictitious nature, we cannot ignore the fact that there is more to these characters than meets the eye. Superheroes represent the best in all of us. They are created to inspire hope and confidence in humanity. Never mind their origins in works of fiction, superheroes reflect some of the very traits that everyday people demonstrate on a daily basis. Heroic acts are performed on a daily basis by people who are inspired by these awesome characters. It is this symbol of hope and safety that Royal Canadian Mint tries to capture and present to its coin fans through its superhero coin series.

Over the years, a number of superhero characters have been born from the creative minds of comic book and script writers around the world. Even though some of these characters emerged decades or even centuries ago, they still remain relevant and quite popular today. Why are they so timeless? Because they represent those parts of the human experience that are full of excitement, thrill, and courage. It also helps that the movie industry, which has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar entity has created a lot of pomp and pageantry around these characters.

Superman: The Ultimate Superhero

The DC creation Superman, the Kryptonian Knight in shining crimson cape, has come to function as a sort of symbol for heroism around the world. As providers of high-quality and unique coins, Colonial Acres offers a wide range of genuine, certified Superman themed pieces that are sure to add value, variety, and sentiments to any collection. These superman coins reflect the magnificence of the DC superhero while also capturing the essence of what he represents for millions of fans worldwide.

The Kryptonian earth saving Superman is one of the most popular superheroes with a reputation that spans globally and surpasses geographical boundaries. Colonial Acres has a collection of Superman coins that will excite fans. The coins reflect the superhero in mid-flight or in poses that demonstrate his out of this world strength. Find more about why these special collector coins are so popular and will make an exceptional addition to any coin collection. Let’s take a closer look at specific Superman coins released over the years.

2013 Canada $75 SUPERMAN: The Early Years 14K Gold Coin

2013 Canada $75 Superman: The Early Years 14k Gold Coin

This 2013 gem of a 14k gold coin stands out as an exceptional piece to add to your coin collection. Designed to mark Superman’s 75th year in existence, this gold coin shows on the reverse side in the fictitious Kryptonian language the name ‘Superman’ in text. It also includes a Joe Shuster illustration of the Kryptonian hero, in bold colours, hovering above the ground. The image is encased in an oval frame and set against a golden backdrop reflecting the hero’s place of retreat and abode, an isolated fortress. The obverse features the effigy of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Check this out - Iconic Superman Collectible Coins

2014 Canada $10 Iconic Superman - Action Comics

2014 Canada $10 Iconic Superman: Action Comics #1 (1938) Fine Silver

This iconic Superman silver coin released in 2014 takes you back to the hero’s early days. This coin commemorates a historic moment in Superman and DC comic history, the 1938 episode in which the Kryptonian superhero foils the attempts of a villain to spread mayhem and kidnap Lois. The reverse captures, in colour, the scene in which Superman hoists the villain’s green car over his head before smashing it against a rock. The remainder of the scene is in silver, allowing the main action to stand out flawlessly. The coin has a face value of $10 and a composition of 99.99% pure silver. The image of this coin is familiar to comic enthusiasts as its the debut of Superman as he appeared on the cover of Action Comics #1 in 1938.

2015 Canada $20 Iconic Superman: Superman Unchained #2

2015 Canada $20 Iconic Superman - Superman Unchained

In 2015 Superman fans were treated to an exceptional opportunity when Royal Canadian Mint released the second (an earlier version was released in 2013) Superman Unchained coin. The fine silver specimen reflected a design that has graced the cover of DC comic books since 1938. The artwork shows the iconic hero lifting a military vehicle (the wheel of the tanker is caught in the frame) above his head demonstrating the superhero’s victory over evil military forces. In the background, you can catch a glimpse of the havoc being wreaked by the corrupt military villains and revel in our hero’s victory over these evil forces.

2016 Canada $100 Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice 14K Gold Coin

It is difficult to know where to begin with this vibrant and unforgettable 14K gold coin released in 2016. Superman coins were generally designed to reflect the last son of Krypton’s collaboration and interaction with other heroes (and heroines) such as Batman, Supergirl and the Justice League. With a $100 face value, the 14K Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Gold Coin stands out as an exceptional specimen. The coin served as the precursor to the introduction of an awe inspiring superhero coin lineup.

2016 Canada $100 Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice 14K Gold Coin

Reflecting the story that unfolds when the Gotham and Metropolis heroes clashed, creating an opportunity for a new threat to arise, the coin’s reverse depicts the two larger than life characters, standing with their backs to each other. Superman stands in the forefront, in colour as the hero being promoted by the piece while batman (true to his reputation as a creature of the shadows) stands in the back. Behind this image the faces of the two characters are carved in gold, one facing east and the other facing west, depicting the enmity between them, but perhaps also hinting at how they could work together to provide a protective covering for the world. Learn more about 2016 Dawn of Justice Coins.

2017 Canada $100 DC Comics Originals: Superman's Shield 10oz Silver

Another superb collectible piece is the Superman shield. This unique coin in the shape of the iconic shield was released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2017. The 10 oz silver piece is shaped to reflect the edges of the actual shield and is accentuated by a red border and the red ‘S’, the DC hero’s famous initial. To make the piece even more spectacular, superman can be seen in action behind the red hue of the piece.

2018 Canada $100 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton - Sculpture Coin

2018 Canada $100 Superman:
The Last Son of Krypton Fine Silver Sculpture Coin

2018 was a breakout year for Superman coins, literally. Among the commemorative Superman coins issued in this year was the uniquely designed, three-dimensional Last Son of Krypton Fine Silver Sculpture coin. On the coin a sculpted replica of the hero rises from the golden landscape below, reflecting his supernatural abilities as well as hinting at a possible source of his energy, earth’s sun. The coin is a trendsetter in its own right, being the first of its kind. It presents a rare opportunity to grasp in your palms, the embodiment of a convergence of comic book and numismatic art.

This is also the coin that revives the use of the Kryptonian name for the world acclaimed hero.

After taking a look at these incredible coin designs that the Royal Canadian Mint created for us to enjoy and add to our ever growing collections, we can’t help but ask: which are your favourites? Are you an avid superhero fan? Do you love Canadian mint coins? Or are you just starting your coin collection? You should definitely browse through the various Canadian Superman coins available at Colonial Acres Coins as you will undoubtedly find the superhero coin that takes your collection to the next level. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a superhero fan Colonial is your ideal source. In fact, your shopping experience may lead you to a new love like many other first time shoppers who quickly become captivated by a hobby that soon grows into a passionate and inspirational pursuit.

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