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2014 Royal Canadian Mint Items

2014 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

The year 2014 is one that Canada will never forget especially for the sport of hockey. One memory that most Canadians are very proud of in this exciting year is the Olympic gold-medal-winning men’s and women’s Canadian hockey teams. Separated by only a few days, these two wins against rivals Sweden and the USA, respectively, show the grit, determination, and skill of those who participate in Canada’s favourite sport.

  • In the NHL, Montreal served as the lone Canadian entry in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Though their run ended in the Conference Finals against the New York Rangers, they made Canadians throughout the country proud.

    Not to be outdone by their professional seniors, Canada’s national junior ice hockey team also made its way to the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship. Led by a cadre of future NHLers, this under-20 men’s team dominated the competition with multiple shutout wins.

  • Additionally, non-hockey fans had a lot to celebrate in 2014. The Calgary Stampeders won their seventh Grey Cup. Beyond the gold-medal-winning hockey teams, Canada won the top prize in eight other events at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    Since 2014 is worthy of praise and celebration, it’s no wonder that coins from this year are so popular among collectors and historians. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite individual 2014 Royal Canadian Mint coins below.

2014 Royal Canadian Mint Individual Coins

2014 Canada $1 Sochi Olympic Games Lucky Loonie Fine Silver

The Sochi Olympic Games were a highlight for Canadians in 2014. To commemorate this exciting and memorable event the Royal Canadian Mint released a silver Lucky Loonie coin whose design included a coloured Canadian Olympic team logo.

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The Royal Canadian Mint is known for its exquisite detailing and world-class artistry. Perhaps this is best seen in their 25-Cent Ducks of Canada collector coin. Designed by artist Trevor Tennant, the coin features a coloured image of a pintail duck floating among green lily pads and calm surface waters. The 25-cent piece is made from cupro-nickel and makes an exciting purchase for any birder, naturist, or coin collector.

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25-Cent Ducks of Canada collector coin
2015 $20 Seven Sacred Teachings Coins

Another individual coin worthy of mention is from the $20 Seven Sacred Teachings collection. Made of 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating, this coin honours the sacred teachings of Canada’s aboriginal people. Representing respect specifically, the face of the coin shows an abstract figure holding an eagle feather while lying face down on the back of a buffalo. Its design was artfully crafted by artist Nathalie Bertin, and the Royal Canadian Mint minted only 7,000 of these coins.

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Commemorative Coins and Coin Sets

With all this hockey talk, we must discuss the numerous NHL collector sets available for purchase. Toronto Maple Leaf fans would be thrilled to receive this Pop-Up Jersey Coin and Stamp Set. Or, if you root for the Winnipeg Jets, this set is for you! Representing each of the seven current Canadian NHL teams, sports fans and memorabilia collectors can root for their preferred franchises with these commemorative sets.

These popular gift sets include two commemorative stamps from Canada Post and a 25-cent coin, which commemorates each of the Canadian NHL teams. The two commemorative stamps have images that will entice any hockey fan. The first shows a member of the team on the ice with fans in the background. The second stamp has an image of the puck bearing the team logo. The coin contained in the set features a coloured team logo captured within the NHL shield on a frosted background on the reverse. These collector’s items come in a special envelope from the Royal Canadian Mint, which pops up to showcase the team’s jersey.

2014 Canada 25-cent Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Coin and Stamp pop-up Jersey Gift Set

Beyond hockey, Canada is also world-renowned for its great outdoors. What better way to celebrate this important aspect of Canadian life than with the O Canada $10 10-coin set? The collection comes with a deluxe case that artfully renders the natural aspects of Canada as well as the coins do. Each coin contains an exquisite representation of Canada’s indigenous animals, jaw-dropping landscapes, and other inherently Canadian images.

2014 also marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Though devastating, the war exemplified the best of what Canadians can offer, including their willingness to sacrifice both on the front lines and at the home front. These coins are of varied value but contain new premium finishing techniques that enhance the look of each one. The proof dollar coin is made from 99.99% pure silver and the others are made from three-play brass or nickel with plated steel.

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