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Royal Canadian Mint's Platinum Coin Collection

Platinum Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint creates and distributes Canada's supply of coins. Besides supplying the country of Canada with its currency, the mint also designs special, commemorative coins in a variety of precious metals. These coins are often purchased by collectors because of their beautiful designs and their potential to increase in value over time. At Colonial Acres Coins, we proudly offer several designs of these gorgeous platinum coins for sale.

The Beauty of Platinum

Platinum is a silvery precious metal that has long been valued for its brightness and lustre. It's commonly used in industrial settings because of its durability. Platinum is also a popular choice as a precious metal in jewellery. Wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are made of platinum because of its versatile silver-white sheen, sturdiness and ability to resist tarnish.

The metal first became popular for currency in colonial America. Spanish settlers tried to use platinum, which was inexpensive years ago, to fool silver and gold coin traders. Platinum was an official currency in 19th century Russia, where some coins were manufactured in this metal. The coins were not as practical as other metals like silver and gold. Eventually, platinum became a choice for collectible coins. Today, many countries create platinum bullion coins for special collections. Canada's Royal Canadian Mint platinum coins offer a selection of different styles for coin collectors.

A Unique Keepsake

Platinum coins are a unique keepsake that can be easily stored and held onto for many years. They make the perfect gift for a variety of different situations. The Royal Canadian Mint offers different coin designs to choose from. Here are some reasons our customers buy coins from Colonial Acres Coins:

1995 Canada Lynx Platinum 4 Coin Set

  • Special Occasions – Purchasing a commemorative coin to mark a special occasion is a great way to celebrate a new baby, graduation, wedding date or another important milestone.
  • Investments – Many people invest in precious metals, like silver, gold and platinum. Coins made from platinum are hard assets that you can keep in your home as an investment in uncertain economic times.
  • Hobby Collecting – Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby that brings together history, culture, politics and fascinating facts.

The Maple Leaf Forever Coin

In 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint produced its first platinum example of a collectible coin, the Maple Leaf Forever coin. The Mint had been producing a popular version of the Maple Leaf coin in gold since 1979 as a bullion collectible coin and years later, decided to create a platinum version. The design of the coin has an image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the Canadian maple leaf on the other side. The coins were made from .9995 pure platinum in denominations of $5, $10, $20 and $50.

The first year of issue, this coin featured a portrait of Queen Elizabeth at 39 years old. From 1990-2002, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth was from when she was 64 years old. The coin stopped production for a few years and was released again in 2009, with an updated portrait of the queen at 79 years old and an even purer .9999 platinum formula for the coin.

The Maple Leaf Forever Coin

The HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake Coin

Another beautiful coin design in platinum from the Royal Canadian Mint is the HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake coin. The platinum coin was issued in $300, and a gold and silver version were also produced. This commemorative coin was issued in 2013 by the Canadian government to mark a historically significant battle during the War of 1812. The sea battle of the two ships, the HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake happened in 1813 near Boston. The coin features Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the two battling sea vessels on the other side.

The HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake Coin

Celebrating Canada’s Wildlife

The Mint also regularly produces new platinum designs celebrating Canada's wildlife. The wildlife coins have been introduced to help promote conservation and education about Canada's most treasured animal species. Some of the most beautiful designs include a 2016 coin with a grizzly bear, a 2015 example with white-tailed deer, a 2014 coin with bison, the 2013 bighorn sheep, the 2012 bull moose and the 2011 cougar. These coins make an excellent addition to a collection of Canadian currency.

Check out our collection of coins in precious metals like platinum at Colonial Acres Coins. Start a new collection or mark an important occasion in life with these incredible pieces of history and Canadian life.

2012 Canada $300 Robert Bateman Moose - Platinum Coin

2014 Canada $300 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Platinum

2014 Canada $300 The Bison - Challenge for Power Platinum

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