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2015 Royal Canadian Mint Items

Taking a look at some 2015 released coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

royal Canadian mint coins 2015

The 2015 Royal Canadian Mint special and commemorative coins include many unique items that are worthy of a spot in your collection. From the Forest of Canada coin set to the Haunted Canada series to other notable coins, you’ll find coins for sale for any collection.

Forests of Canada Coin Set

Each coin sparkles with a luxurious design that pays homage to four trees critical to Canada’s beauty:

Forests of Canada Coin Set

While the Carolinian Forest makes up only one percent of Canada’s land, its diverse flora and fauna makeup makes it among the most beautiful and unique places in the world. Around one-third of all endangered plants and tree species found in Canada are found in this forest. The coin’s designer, Julius Csotonyi, utilized the bright yellow, greens, reds, and oranges of the resident tulip tree to honour this special forest.

The Coast Forest covers a wide swath of land that covers the western coast of Canada, from British Columbia to Alaska. This forest contains a mix of terrain, from mountains and steep valleys to lowlands and inlets. This mixture of landforms holds a symbiotic relationship with the wind that rushes through it, each helping to shape each other in unimaginably beautiful poses. To represent the Coast Forest, designer Margaret Best uses the Shore Pine’s greens and browns to form a captivating piece of art.

Perhaps the forest that best personifies Canada, the Boreal Forest bursts with hardy conifers that can handle the harsh terrain the forest covers. Mixed in are dots of brave deciduous trees that are less likely to thrive in such an environment. Margaret Best, the designer, features the Balsam Poplar and its earthy brown and red pines to paint a portrait of this beautiful landscape.

Finally, the Columbia Forest is the only inland temperate rainforest in the world. Even more astonishing, it’s the only temperate forest where most of the precipitation is snow and not rain. To exemplify this unique place, the coin shows off the bold red berries and green pines of the Columbian Yew Tree, a tree comfortable with adaptation and long life.

Commemorative Coins Released in 2015

Beyond the Forests of Canada coin set, the Royal Canadian Mint released several commemorative coins in 2015. Make sure to read about some of our favourites below.

● Haunted Canada: Brakeman

A perfect gift for those who are fans of ghost stories and commemorative coins alike, the Haunted Canada: Brakeman coin is the second in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Haunted Canada coin series. It utilizes unique and mesmerizing lenticular technology that embodies the spooky story of the headless brakeman.

Haunted Canada - Brakeman

When initially viewed, the coin shows off the image of a dark train tunnel whose only light is that of a lantern held by a headless figure dressed in a late 1920’s railway uniform. Floating above the body are two illuminated orbs that appear to be eyes staring directly at the person holding the coin.

When the coin is tilted, though, the coin turns dark, with only a shadowy body visible in a dark tunnel. This image represents the eternal solo trek of the brakeman who's destined never to reach his final destination.

● Other Notable Commemorative Coins

Looney Tunes Coins

If spooky stories aren’t your thing, make sure to take a gander at the Looney Tunes: Merrie Melodies commemorative coin. With Bugs Bunny, the Tasmanian Devil, Pepe Le Pew, Pussyfoot, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, and Tweety practically bursting from the coin, this makes an excellent present for children, adults, and collectors everywhere.

For those who stare at the stars and wonder, the Star Charts: Eternal Pursuit coin makes a heavenly addition to their collection. With a glow in the dark design that represents the awe-inspiring nature of the night’s sky, you’ll find yourself gazing at the coin just as you would the stars above.

Another coin designed to honour Canada’s natural beauty, the Venetian Glass Turtle with Broadleaf Arrowhead Flower sparkles with glass elements hand-crafted by an Italian master glassmaker. The design emphasizes the sunbathing glass turtle surrounded on the bottom of the coin by the leaves and flowers of the broadleaf arrowhead. Find out more about 2015 Looney Tunes coins with classic scenes.

Colonial Acres Coins

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