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2015 Royal Canadian Mint Coins Honouring Historical Events

2015 Royal Canadian Mint Coins Honouring Historical Events

The Royal Canadian Mint periodically releases silver commemorative coins marking important moments in the nation's history. These noteworthy events are memorialized forever in time in gorgeous keepsakes for collectors, historians and the family members of those who lived through them. Colonial Acres Coins offers a selection of the 2015 Royal Canadian Mint collection of coins honouring these significant historical events in Canadian history. Some of the most popular coins focus on prominent battles and moments from World War I and II.


The devastating world wars from the 20th century, WWI and WWII, impacted Canada even though the battles occurred in Europe, Africa and Asia, far away from the nation's borders. Millions of Canadian soldiers were shipped off to these wars to fight for freedom and honour. The Royal Canadian Mint offers keepsake coins to commemorate these tumultuous times for the country. In 2015, the Mint released coins focusing on the following aspects of the wars:

  • Important Battles - Famous battles fought during WWI and WWII are captured forever in several battleground coin collections.
  • Anniversaries- WWI's most memorable moments from 1914 to 1918 were marked with 100-year anniversary coins. WWII's events are still being honoured and remembered 70 years later.
  • History of Warfare - Warfare methods and strategies are memorialized in the Mint's collections of coins that focus on historical elements.

Flanders Fields

2015 $20 100th Anniversary of In Flanders Fields Fine Silver Coin

In 1915, during a strategic WWI battle in Belgium, Canadian field physician John McCrae captured the heart of the feelings of being on a battlefield in his poem, “In Flanders Fields.” The haunting verses describe the aftermath of the battle and memorialize the dead. In 2015, 100 years after this famous poem was published, the Royal Canadian Mint released a commemorative coin inspired by the poem and the Canadian experience on the battlefield that day in Flanders. The $20 coin is silver and depicts a soldier mourning the dead.

2015 $20 First World War Battlefront - The Second Battle of Ypres Fine Silver Coin

The Second Battle of Ypres

Another gorgeous coin from history to add to your collection depicts the second battle of Ypres from WWI. Ypres, Belgium, was the location of a significant battle between German forces and the Allies in April and May 1915. Canadian forces lost nearly half of their ranks from the German side's use of poison gas but still managed to stand up bravely and continue to fight. The stunning $20 coin that marks this event is a silver design with gold plating. It features an image from the trenches of warfare during the carnage.

The Battle of Neuve-Chapelle

The history of WWI is also displayed in another battlefield coin entry, the battle of Neuve-Chapelle. This poignant battle took place in a little village in Artois, France, between German forces and the Allies. The 100th anniversary of this battle is shown in the coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This was the first appearance of Canadian forces in a significant battle in the European theatre. The coin features a group of soldiers operating WWI artillery during the fight.

2015 $20 Battle of Neuve-Chapelle Fine Silver Coin - First World War Battlefront Series

2015 Canada $20 The Second World War Battlefront Series - The Battle of Britain Fine Silver Coin

The Battle of Britain

The year 2015 also marked the anniversary of several important events from another great war, WWII. The Battle of Britain is frozen in time 75 years later in a special $20 silver coin. This commemorative coin features a scene of a dogfight in the air between a Canadian pilot and the Luftwaffe. The assault on Britain failed, and the Canadian forces helped defend the empire against a German invasion.

The End of the Italian Campaign

The 70th anniversary of the end of the Italian campaign is featured on a $20 silver coin from the Mint. Canada was part of the successful group of Allies who fought for a 20-month period of time against Nazi troops in Italy. The coin displays a tank in motion making its way through the Italian landscape.

2015 Canada $20 70th Anniversary of the end of the Italian Campaign

2015 $30 Canada's Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic Fine Silver Coin

The Battle of the Atlantic

Canada's role in the WWII fights by sea is captured in a collectable coin depicting the battle of the Atlantic. The 12,000 people who were part of Canada's Merchant Navy are honoured in a $30 silver coin. The scene shows the Canadian ship, the SS Duchess of York, being attacked by airborne forces. During the battle, 34 crew members perished, but 628 members of the crew survived.

If you love history and want to learn even more about Canada's important role in defending democracy and world peace, check out our complete collection of 2015 coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. At Colonial Acres Coins, we want to bring the beauty of these coins and the lessons from history to collectors around the world.