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History Of Decimal Coins In The U.S.

One of the biggest changes in United States currency came when Thomas Jefferson proposed a decimal currency system in 1784. Based on the Spanish dollar, his proposal would aim to have coins for 10 dollars, 1 dollar, 1/10 dollar as well as 1/100 dollar. A particular argument he used to promote his proposal was that the new 1/100 dollar coin would have a similar value to the then prevalent copper coins.

And indeed, from the outset of home minted currency in 1792, the currency of the United States was of decimal denomination. The dollar was equal to 100 cents, even though other currencies were nevertheless accepted for some time afterward. One example is the Spanish dollar. Until 1857, it was accepted as official currency in the United States alongside the U.S. dollar, even though it was a non-decimalized currency.

U.S. Decimal Coins & Sets Today

Nowadays, collectors and dealers around the world create significant demand for U.S. decimal coins, as well as entire collections and proof sets. Among these sought-after pieces, some of the most collectable sets and specimens include:

  • National Park sets
  • Presidential Dollar sets
  • The 2017 United States Proof Set
  • USA Half Dollar & Dollar Coins and Sets

National Park Sets The 2010-2017

National Parks Quarters include yearly editions of quarters from 2010 through to 2017. Ranging between sets and individual quarters, these coins make great collectibles as they pay tribute to the natural wealth of the United States. They make for affordable specimens worthy of being present in every collection, beginner’s or otherwise.

Presidential Dollar Sets

The 2007-2016 Presidential Dollar Coins come in two distinct coin sets: one including singles that range between 2007 and 2011, and the other that range from 2012 to 2016. Regardless of whether you are into politics or not, rest assured both of these coin sets promise to fetch great value in the future. Additionally, you can also get your hands on two distinct Presidential Empty Coin Albums. These are ideal for preserving and displaying your Presidential coin collections for years to come.

The 2017 United States Proof Set

This beautiful Proof Set contains a total of 10 coins, each more beautiful and significant than the next. Each also bears the “S” mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco. Five of the quarters in this set belong to the America the Beautiful Quarters Program; one is a Native American $1 Coin. The remaining four are one Kennedy Half Dollar, one Roosevelt Dime, one Jefferson nickel and one Lincoln Penny. A beautiful set at an affordable price, the 2017 United States Proof Set is a fine addition to every coin collection.

USA Half Dollar & Dollar Coins And Sets

Both the USA Half Dollar And Dollar Coins include specimens and coin sets worthy of every numismatist’s attention. The USA Half Dollar coins include several distinct sets, most notably: Capped Bust (1807-1839), Liberty Seated (1839-1891), Barber (1892-1915), Walking Liberty (1916-1947), Franklin (1948-1963) and Kennedy (1964-Date). Each of these sets is a gorgeous and valuable collection in its own right. USA Dollar coins, on the other hand, include such sets as Trade & Morgan Dollars (1873-1921), Peace (1921-1935), Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony & Native Dollars, as well as a number of Presidential Dollar coins.

For more information and detailed descriptions of each of these coins and sets contact us. We at Colonial Acres Coins are home to these and countless other valuable and rare coin specimens. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding all things numismatics-related.