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2012 Royal Canadian Mint Items


2012 Royal Canadian Mint Items

In 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a variety of commemorative Canadian coins and other special items to help mark some of the exciting happenings of the year. At Colonial Acres Coins, we have a great selection of RCM items from this year. Whether 2012 was a special year for you, your collection is missing a coin from 2012 or you just want to find something fun and unique from that year, we have you covered.

Popular Culture in 2012

For a lot of Canadians 2012 was a fairly significant year for popular culture. Arguably the biggest event in entertainment was the NHL lockout. During this, a dispute between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL resulted in a stalemate that lasted into the season. Thus, the total number of games that year was reduced to 48.

Also, during 2012, the Avengers topped the box office. The Royal Canadian Mint has often sold various Marvel and DC Comics-based coins, some of which gained special attention among fans during 2012. Coins featuring various popular culture and athletics events are a popular Canadian coin to collect or give as a gift. They represent things that almost anyone can relate to. At Colonial Acres Coins, we love them because they help to make coin collecting even more accessible.

Canadian coin to collect
2012 Canada $10 War of 1812 - HMS Shannon Fine Silver (No Tax)

History in the Making in 2012

The year 2012 marked some significant anniversaries for Canada. On February 6th, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee (the 60th anniversary of her reign). In 1952, Elizabeth II ascended to the throne following the passing of her father, George VI. Her reign has been one of the longest of all European monarchs and reaching 60 years was a very noteworthy event, especially for a sovereign who ascended as an adult.

2012 was also the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812. This war, fought between the United Kingdom and the newly independent United States, prominently featured the Canadas (then a part of the U.K.’s overseas territories).

British and Canadian forces were successful in halting an American invasion of Canada. Although the war was inconclusive (the British and American governments agreed to return all territory to pre-war status), it marked an important point in the unification of Canada. To mark this bicentennial, the Royal Canadian Mint released a special commemorative coin featuring the HMS Shannon in Halifax Harbor.

Other Special 2012 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

As with other years, in 2012, the RCM released a number of unique coins intended to help make the year special for numismatists and Canadians. For example, these included a $20 silver coin featuring a Swarovski Crystal to help mark the holiday season. The holidays are an important time for many Canadian families and communities. So, having a unique coin to mark the year can be quite meaningful.

Additionally, 2012 was the final year of the one-cent piece in Canada. To mark this, the RCM released a special silver penny with select pink gold plating on a maple branch design. The maple was also a theme on a $20 coin with a crystal raindrop pattern. The RCM also rounded out representations of Canada’s natural gifts with a $1 coin featuring an artistic design of two loons facing each other while reflected by the water below.

Find the Perfect Canadian Coins for Your Collection

Explore all the categories of 2012 Royal Canadian Mint coins and other special items. At Colonial Acres Coins, we have a large selection of items from 2012 and other years. If you want to remember a personally significant event from that year, need a gift for a history buff or just think some of the 2012 coins are cool, we have something for you. Check out the catalogue today.