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2021 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

Coins showcase the culture and history of a specific period, and coin collectors are just as enthusiastic about these intriguing items in 2021 as they have ever been. Although many shows featuring coins from Canada and around the world went virtual or were cancelled entirely, the demand is still high for coins to collect. Auctions are another popular way for people to view and bid on rare and unique coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. Let us take a look back at some of the events and features that made 2021 an interesting and amazing year.

Coin Collecting During 2021: Something for Everyone

Coin shows are important events where collectors can look at coins, buy coins, and talk to others who share this hobby. In 2021, many coin shows went virtual, making the shows more accessible and bringing the excitement straight into people's homes. These virtual shows are a big part of why the demand for collectible coins did not dwindle in spite of a global pandemic. If you were in the market for Canadian coins for sale in 2021, some unique items you may have spotted include:

  • Pysanka coins that celebrate the history and culture of Ukrainian-Canadians with their colourful and intricate designs
  • A Reaper of Death coin that features a tyrannosaur species discovered in Canada in 2020
  • Avro Arrow coins that commemorate the Avro CF-105 Arrow fighter plane, a supersonic jet that gave Canada an important standing in the world of aviation in the 1950s

From history and natural history buffs to aviation aficionados, the 2021 collection of Royal Canadian Mint Coins had something for every person.

In addition to coin shows, there were several auctions and other events to choose from in 2021, including live virtual auctions hosted by our company here in Ontario. To our south, the United States celebrated its 98th National Coin Week in April, an event that featured free webinars, youth activities, and milestone releases of the Morgan dollar and the Eisenhower dollar coins.

Coin Collecting During 2021: Something for Everyone
2021 Coloured Bluenose Canada 10-cent

A Year for Anniversaries

The year 2021 saw several coins commemorating the 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversaries of historical events and initial releases of coins. For example, Canada's Bluenose coins released this year celebrate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Bluenose ship, which received the International Fisherman's Trophy in 1921. The coins feature an effigy of King George V, just like all Canadian coins issued that year.

Internationally speaking, the United States released coins commemorating the 75th anniversary of the 1946 Roosevelt dime, as well as the 125th anniversary of the presidential election of 1896. The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom released a 50-pence coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the introduction of insulin, a huge milestone in the world of medicine.

While not a 2021-specific anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint was excited to release the First 100 Years of Confederation coins, paying tribute to the years 1867 to 1967. Perfect for the vehicle enthusiast, these coins depict a locomotive train, warship, and bush plane that represent Canada’s rising prosperity and prominence during this period.

An Exciting Year for the Royal Canadian Mint

In 2021, the Royal Canadian Mint was the recipient of an international award for its Recognition Medal, launched in June 2020 as a way to give an everlasting thank you to Canada's frontline employees for their brave efforts during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The Best Currency Initiative Implemented in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic was awarded to the Royal Canadian Mint in September of 2021 by the International Association of Currency Affairs.

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