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Finding the right gift for the right occasion can be tough. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or a birthday for a history buff or sports fan, coins can be a great gift. Why? Because they’re small yet highly valuable; there are plenty of rare pieces that can have sentimental value. Buying a collectable coin as a gift for someone not presently interested in numismatics could also motivate them to learn more about this profession. Possibly sparking a new lifelong hobby. There are virtually countless options when it comes to coin gifts, here are just a couple of ideas available at Colonial Acres:
  • Gold and silver jewellery
  • Youth-oriented collections
  • Holiday gift ideas
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Year sets 1935 to date

Gold And Silver Jewellery

Gold and silver jewellery fall in the category of the most classic gifts. Everybody knows that you can never go wrong with a classic. If you are in the market for specific options as a gift from Colonial Acres, here are some suggestions:
  • 10K White Gold Curb-link Necklace
  • 10K White Gold Figure 8 Link Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
  • 10K Yellow Gold Channel Set Diamond Ring
  • 10K Yellow Gold Cluster Style 330 Diamond Bracelet
  • 925 Sterling Silver Cross Pendant with Amber Accents and 9’’ chain

Youth-Oriented Collections

Youth-oriented collections are simply collections intended for a younger demographic. From Minions to Batman-themed money banks, this collection includes items designed for younger people. Although, they also make for inexpensive yet creative gifts for more mature recipients who still feel young at heart. Examples include:
  • Money Bank: Minion Themed Coin Bank with bonus 1919 Cent
  • Mixed Starter Canada Coin Pack
  • 1968 to 2017 Canada 25 Cents Collection with Deluxe folder
  • Money Bank: Transformers Themed Coin Bank with bonus 1919 Cent
  • Money Bank: Batman Themed Coin Bank with bonus 1919 Cent

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday gift ideas based on what holiday is coming up or has recently passed. It is always great to warm hearts and create surprises for loved ones during holidays. Coins and coin supplies make for an excellent and affordable gift. Options include:
  • 1858 to 1920 Canada Large Cent Collection with Deluxe Folder
  • 2013 Canada $20 Candy Cane Fine Silver Coin
  • 2015 Canada Bald Eagle Fractional Fine Silver Four Piece Coin Set
  • Starter Pack of Canadian Paper Notes with Seven Notes in Album
  • 1937 to 2017 Canada 25 Cents Collection with Deluxe Book

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers translate into great gifts to have around Christmas time. If you’re looking to surprise your little ones or create a homey Christmas atmosphere of giving for friends and family, collectible coins do the job beautifully. Here’s some inspiration:
  • 23M – 1935-1967 Canadian Silver Dollar Monarch Four Coin Type Set
  • 1987 to 2017 Canada Loon Dollar Collection with Deluxe Book
  • 1922 to 2017 Canada Nickels with Deluxe Folder (102 Coins)
  • Money Bank: Army Truck with Bonus 1919 Cent
  • Money Bank: Star Wars BB8 with Bonus 1919 Cent

Year Sets 1935-Date

Year sets include different collections of coins that feature different decades. If you know a special someone who would benefit from owning such a special set of coins or your collection lacks a set from a certain decade, you’re in the right place. Colonial Acres is home to the following:
  • 1935-1944 Year Sets
  • 1945-1954 Year Sets
  • 1955-1964 Year Sets
  • 1965-1974 Year Sets
  • 1975-1984 Year Sets
  • 1985-1994 Year Sets
  • 1995-2004 Year Sets
  • 2005-2014 Year Sets
  • 2015-Date Year Sets

In Need Of An Unusual And Creative Gift? Visit Colonial Acres

No matter the occasion, collectable coins represent a unique and creative way to convey your love, affection or attention to that special someone. You can choose between individual coins, entire coin sets and all the supplies that make numismatics such a popular hobby and profession. If this is the path you wish to explore, make sure to visit Colonial Acres Coins. Colonial Acres is home to professionals eager to share their knowledge and offer amazing coin pieces at just the right price.