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Colonial Acres Coins was founded in Waterloo, Ontario by Todd Sandham and Cameron Bevers in 1991. Originally, it was created as a part-time summer business for the pair while they were still in high school. They began by setting up at many of the local flea-markets throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Over time they started doing local coin shows and began to advertise in the Canadian Coin News as a mail-order firm. At that time, the business was still being run at a part-time basis as Cameron and Todd went on to University.

In 1996, Colonial Acres Coins opened their first retail store on Victoria Street in Kitchener. Cameron had finished his education and began working full time at the store, while Todd continued on finishing his degree in engineering until 1998. They hired on some part-time employees to help with the extra workload of shipping, invoicing and telephone service. Colonial Acres continued to grow with increasing success from then on. In 1999, they began construction of their website as the demand for an online presence grew stronger. In March 2000, Cam and Todd moved their growing business to a bigger location right next door. By this time, they employed two full time staff and 2 part time staff.

The business began in 1991 as a part-time hobby while Todd Sandham and Cameron Bevers attended high school. From that modest beginning, Colonial Acres swelled from a table at local flea markets and coin shows to a 7200 square foot building and a staff of 20.

Sandham's father used to collect in the 1960s, but stopped after the Royal Canadian Mint changed the metal used in coin from silver to nickel. After discovering his father's collection, Sandham spoke to Bevers, whom collected coins himself, and Bevers convinced him to accompany him to a meeting of the Waterloo Coin Club. Sandham then convinced his father that he and Bevers might be able to sell some of his old collection, and thus the two launched their business. They decided on the name Colonial Acres Coins, after the neighbourhood both boys resided in at the time.

Colonial Acres Coins first began as a table at the local Farmer's Market and local coin shows. Before long, the boys were advertising in the Canadian Coin News and selling coins as a mail order service.

In 1996, Colonial Acres Coins set up their first permanent location at 300 Victoria St. North in Kitchener. Bevers manned the storefront, while Sandham worked part time while finishing his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. It wasn't long before the business outgrew the small store, and they expanded into the unit next door, and eventually the one next to that. In 1998, Colonial Acres Coins joined the growing online shopping world, and started the website colonialacres.com. Today, the website still commands a large portion of our business.

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Today, Colonial Acres employs 17 full time people, thanks to the thriving online business and busy storefront. With so many people, the first location was bursting at the seams, which led to the business moving to a much bigger location in 2013, just up the street at 991 Victoria Street North. This allowed for a much bigger storefront area, a private space for customers to sell their collections, and more room for employees (and customers!) to stretch their legs.

Though the company has grown in size, Colonial Acres Coins is still very much a family business. Of the 17 full time employees and three part time, 11 are Sandham or Parsons' family members, including the second generation: Sandham's niece, Taylor.

As the years go by, Colonial Acres is proud to have serviced Numismatic customers for over 25 years, and we are excited to continue to exceptionally serve the public for years to come!