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Canada Rolls 1960 to present years

Collectors of Canada coin rolls

Since 1960, collectors of Canadian coin rolls have been able to find some interesting coin rolls to add to their collections. One of the most collectible coin rolls by hunters is the 1960 1- cent coin, featuring a maple leaf. Originally, there wasn’t so much of a call for dimes and quarters until 1968, when silver was discontinued and the introduction of silver-rejecting bank machines taking many of the silver coins out of circulation. For coin roll collectors this made silver difficult to find. From 1965 to 1981 nickels became popular with collectors as the metal value exceeded the face value.

What Is Coin Roll Hunting And How Does It Work?

Searching for and/or sorting coins that have already been out of circulation is what is known as coin roll hunting. These coins are also referred to as collectible coins. Collectible coins are revered in the coin hunting community and a lot of hunters search for rare coins because they are considered prized items.

Coin roll hunting has become a serious hobby for many people. This is because the value of coins typically increases when they are removed from circulation. Some collectors are willing to pay high prices for rare coin finds, all of which ensures a bright future for coin roll hunting.

Canadian Coin Rolls Dating Back To The 1960s

When it comes to Canadian coin rolls, in particular, there have been numerous interesting coin rolls minted since 1960. If you are looking for unique and valuable Canadian coin rolls to add to your collection, this is a good place to start.

Featuring a maple leaf, one of the most collectible and sought-after coin rolls by coin roll hunters is the 1-cent coin from 1960. Dimes and quarters were not in high demand originally. However, in 1968 silver coins were taken out of circulation because silver was discontinued and silver-rejecting bank machines were introduced. Coin roll collectors and hunters find this silver difficult to come by. Lastly, because the metal value was higher than their face value, nickels became popular with collectors between 1965 and 1981.

Canadian Coin Rolls Available At Colonial Acres

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