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Canada Rolls 1960 to present years

Collectors of Canada coin rolls

Since 1960, collectors of Canadian coin rolls have been able to find some interesting coin rolls to add to their collections. One of the most collectible coin rolls by hunters is the 1960 1- cent coin, featuring a maple leaf. Originally, there wasn’t so much of a call for dimes and quarters until 1968, when silver was discontinued and the introduction of silver-rejecting bank machines taking many of the silver coins out of circulation. For coin roll collectors this made silver difficult to find. From 1965 to 1981 nickels became popular with collectors as the metal value exceeded the face value. Recently the Royal Canadian Mint produced circulation coins for the 150th Canada anniversary year. This included special limited edition coins such as:

  • 2017 Living Traditions Canada 5 Cents
  • 2017 Wings Of Peace Canada 10 Cents
  • 2017 Hope For a Green Future Canada 25 Cent
  • 2017 150th Logo Canada 50 Cents
  • 2017 Connecting a Nation Canada Dollar
  • 2017 Dance Of The Spirits Canada $2
  • 2017 Glow-in the Dark Dance of the Spirits Canada Two Dollar
Canada 1-cent Rolls Canada 5-cent Rolls (40pcs) Canada 10-cent Rolls (50 pcs)
Canada 25-cent Rolls (40 pcs) Canada 50-cent Rolls (20 pcs or 25 pcs) Canada One Dollar Rolls (20 pcs or 25 pcs)
Canada Two Dollar Rolls (25 pcs)

Coin roll hunting

As copper gained high value, pennies were withdrawn from circulation in 2012, making them the most collectible for Canadian coin rolls. Collectors are now also building rolls of loonies, toonies, and quarters. This is a fun hobby but it is not one to rely on for a regular income. However, some numismatists take coin roll hunting very seriously. The expected return from coin roll hunting varies and depends on the denomination being searched with pre-1982 copper cents providing the best return. Copper cent rolls prior to 1982 produced about 20% copper to 80% zinc cents. However, while silver finds today are few and far between, Canadians can uncover large quantities of copper and nickel by Canada coin roll hunting of pennies and nickels. These metals are found in circulation significantly more frequently than silver coins, and therefore is a more consistent method of securing a good deal on the metals.

Defacing of coins is illegal

To deface a coin is illegal in many countries as it is in Canada. As well, it is considered bad manners in the coin roll hunting community to deface coins with marks as the marked coins could be of some value to other people collecting coin rolls. It is not unusual to find US dimes and nickels minted between 1982-2000 circulating in Canada as they have a similar composition, and coin counting machines are unable to tell the difference.

Canada coin rolls denominations

1 cent-50 coins =$0.50
5 cents-40 coins=$2.00
10 cents-50 coins=$5.00
25 cents-40 coins=$10.00
$2-25 coins=$50.00

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