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Double Dollar Proof Sets 1971 - Present

Double Dollar Proof Sets 1971 - Present

Since 1971, the Royal Canadian Mint has released double dollar proof sets to celebrate each year’s coinage and to commemorate important moments in the country’s history. Using coins, Canada’s mint helps tell the story of the nation. These sets are valuable both as collectible currency and as memorabilia from Canada’s past.

Double Dollar Proof Sets

Double dollar proof sets are special, collectible sets of coins typically including two one-dollar coins (one to show the reverse and one to show the obverse) as well as several other coins and/or medallions. These special sets are intended for collection and display. In most cases, they come in special, fabric-lined display cases and shadow boxes. These are proof quality, meaning that they are the first coins struck in the run. Historically, these coins were used to check the dies and for archiving. However, today, they are principally created for collectors (although also used for quality assurance and archival purposes). Proof coins typically have sharper edges and smoother fields.

2008 Canada 400th Anniversary of Quebec Proof Double Dollar Set

The History of These Sets

The Royal Canadian Mint has been making double dollar proof sets since 1971. However, proof coins date back much further and have been a feature of coin striking throughout the history of the nation. Originally, proof and specimen sets were reserved only for official purposes. As mentioned above, the proof coins were used for quality control and archiving. The specimen sets were given as gifts to visiting dignitaries. However, as technology advanced and the need for these sets lessened, they were made available for public purchase. They have been a popular staple of coin collecting ever since. Each year, the RCM releases a new double dollar set. These often include two one-dollar coins and one of each of the smaller denominations. Some sets also include a two-dollar coin or commemorative medallions.

The coins that the Royal Canadian Mint produces help to represent its history. In some cases, this is simply through the artwork chosen at the time of the run. In other cases, coins are struck with the explicit purpose of commemorative special events.

For example, the 1972-1997 Canada/Russia Hockey Summit Proof Double Dollar Set includes a commemorative coin celebrating the famous 1972 victory over Russia in hockey. It was struck for the 25th anniversary of that event. In other cases, coins are struck at the time. The 2000 Voyage of Discovery Double Dollar Set celebrated the new millennium and the future of space discovery.

Many of the coins in the Colonial Acres Coins collection represent special moments in Canada’s history. This helps make collecting Canadian coins even more special. These proof dollars and sets are more than just collectible, they are small remembrances of the great triumphs and culture of the nation.

Double Dollar Proof Sets 1971-Date

Noteworthy Double Dollar Proof Sets in Our Collection

We have a broad array of double dollar proof sets to choose from. These are some of the most notable examples:

In addition to the above, we have many more notable coins that could fit perfectly with any collection. These sets are also a great choice for getting a young collector started. See more products here.

Find the Perfect Coins for Your Collection

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2007 Canada Thayendanegea Proof Double Dollar Set - Commemorating Joseph Brant