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Baby Coin Gift Sets 1995 - 2019

Baby coin gift sets

The birth of a new baby is an occasion worth celebrating. Start a new or continue an existing tradition by giving a beautiful coin gift set to the newest person in your life. This is a great keepsake to help mark that special day. Every gift set from the Royal Canadian Mint is specific to the year. So, when the child is older, he or she can see the coins from his or her birth year.

Alternatively, purchase a gift set from an older year to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. We have an inventory spanning back to the original version of this gift set from the mid-1990s. This is a meaningful and memorable way to commemorate the young lives in your family.

What Are Baby Coin Gift Sets?

Since 1995, the Royal Canadian Mint has offered an annual set of coins intended to be given to share in the joy of a new baby. These gift sets are a unique way to celebrate one of the most special moments in life. Each of the sets includes special packaging and one of each of Canada’s coins from that year. When you order a set, you will receive a $2, $1, $0.25, $0.10, and $0.05 coin. Older sets also include a $0.01 coin. In each gift, there is a unique Loonie that is only available through these RCM gift sets. The mint is always updating the sets, so you never know what will be in the next one.

Notable Baby Coin Gift Sets

If you are looking at Canadian coins for sale to collect, consider some of the more notable baby gift sets. These are few examples of interesting sets:

1995 Canada Bundle Of Joy Baby Coin Set

RBC 2006 Canada Baby Sterling Silver Proof Set w/ Medallion

2009 Canada Baby Gift Set Issued by the RCM

Some of the sets and keepsake tins have appreciated in value significantly since the first issue. This is especially true of the ones featuring uniquely struck coins.

Gift Sets for New Babies

The birth of a child is an important occasion. In many ways, it is the most significant moment in life that we celebrate. These coin gift sets are not only keepsakes but a way of memorializing that special day. All too often, people get caught up in the material aspects of gift-giving. They think primarily about the item.

Certainly, a practical or momentarily entertaining gift can be nice. However, often it is the sentimental gifts that are the most meaningful. This is because the real gift is the love and thoughts behind the present.In this, baby coin gift sets stand out. They are a reflection of how important the child is to you and how noteworthy the birth is. You are marking that day as being one of the most special in your life.

Get Your Coin Sets for Loved Ones of Any Ages

Find baby gift sets from the Royal Canadian Mint and other Canadian coins for sale at Colonial Acres Coins. We have a broad catalogue of different coins to match every interest, budget and desire. Whether you want to find a commemorative coin set to mark a special date or a rare collectible coin, we can help you find it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our coins and to find the perfect gift for your loved one of any age.

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