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2016 Royal Canadian Mint Items

2016 royal canadian mint

Every year, the Royal Canadian Mint releases special coins that help commemorate significant events and anniversaries from that year. 2016 was marked by a few exciting moments for Canadians. Our 2016 coins for sale include several complete sets, a commemorative coin for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit and coins from a major movie release.

2016 RCM Complete Sets

For many collectors, complete sets are some of the most exciting to acquire. It can be a lot of fun to examine how all the coins fit together into a set. Additionally, these sets make great gifts.

2016 Baby Gift Set with struck Loon Dollar

The 2016 Royal Canadian Mint sets include a birthday set, holiday gift set and new baby set. The birthday set includes a $2 coin, $1 coin, 25-cent piece, 10-cent piece and 5-cent coin. The dollar coin is a special strike coin featuring a birthday gift, hat and cupcake on the reverse.

In the holiday gift set, you will find a similar collection of coins from 2016. The dollar coin also features a unique design. It has a pinecone and holly leaves with berries on the reserve design. The new baby set is intended for a new child and marks his or her birth year. Like other complete sets, it includes five uncirculated coins. The novel dollar coin features ABC blocks on the reverse.

The 2016 Royal Tour Commemorative Coin

2016 Canada $20 A Royal Tour Fine Silver Coin

During 2016, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, visited Canada for a Royal Tour. They went to British Columbia and Yukon. It was the first visit to Canada for Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s first overseas trip. Similar visits have been happening for over 200 years, starting with another Prince William (the future King William IV) who visited in 1786.

To mark this occasion, the RCM released a special commemorative coin. This 20-dollar piece is a one-ounce coin made with 99.99% pure silver.

It features an incredible, full-colour rendering of the family together during their visit. This design was created by Chris Jeff. In addition to the photo-realistic image, there are four maple leaves, one representing each of Their Royal Highnesses. Additionally, the words “Canada” and “20 Dollars 2016” are engraved on the reverse. The obverse of the coin features Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. This portrait by Susanna Blunt is familiar to anyone who collects or uses Canadian coins.

Batman vs. Superman Commemorative Collection

The coins released in 2016 marked another significant occasion, this one for film and comic book fans. Batman vs. Superman, the first crossover film by DC Comics to answer the immense success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was released in March. Understandably, a lot of people were excited to see these two iconic characters together (as well a small appearance by Wonder Woman) on the big screen.

Batman vs. Superman Commemorative Collection

To help mark this occasion, the RCM released several colourful commemorative coins. This includes several $10 coins. One features Superman, another has Batman and a third has Wonder Woman; all three are in heroic poses. A fourth $10 coin shows a design with the Batman and Superman logos superimposed over each other.

The RCM also released a $30 coin and a $20 coin featuring all three heroes together. These two coins, as well as the four $10 coins, are in full colour with eye-catching, geometric engravings in the background.

A second $20 coin was also released. This coin features an engraving of Superman and Batman locked in combat. It is a more subtle design compared to the others. Finally, the RCM released several coins featuring classic designs of the three characters. Although these are not directly inspired by the movie versions of the DC Comics heroes, they add a little more collectable fun for numismatists. Overall, this release of Batman vs. Superman coins gives coin-collecting, comic book and movie enthusiasts a lot to enjoy.

Find Your Ideal 2016 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

Each year of RCM coin releases has something special to offer. For many people, 2016 was an especially exciting year with both a Royal Tour and a significant movie release. Check out all the coins for sale at Colonial Acres Coins, including all our 2016 Royal Canadian Mint items. No matter what you want to add to your collection, you can find something that is perfect for you in our catalogue. Place your order today.

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