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The 2016 Universe Silver Coin Is a Perfect Gift for Stargazers. Here’s why?

The 2016 Universe Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint releases coins with special designs every year to help celebrate the things that Canadians love. If you are a coin collector, these can be a wonderful way to start or expand your collection. The 2016 Royal Canadian Mint coins include a stunning $20 coin that celebrates stargazing and astronomy.

Commemorative Coins for Sale

Perhaps the RCM’s most impressive coins come from its commemorative coin runs. These celebrate many aspects of Canadian culture, history and more. Sometimes these pieces are released to mark an important anniversary in history. In other cases, they are produced just to give coin collectors something special.

Many of these runs feature beautiful, intricate engravings. Others, such as this 2016 coin, are painted. Occasionally, the RCM integrates special materials for incredible results.

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The Appeal of Stargazing

People have been looking up at the stars for as long as we have existed. Many ancient cultures made detailed astronomical observations as part of their religious and cultural activities. Today, our scientists look up at the stars with satellites and powerful ground-based telescopes to understand more about the wider universe.

Of course, you don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the beauty and awe of stargazing. Canada has numerous places where you can get out in nature and marvel up at the skies. In the north, aurora borealis is visible in the night sky. However, no matter where you are in Canada, you can find a place to look up and enjoy the majesty of the stars.

The 2016 Universe Silver Coin

2016 Canada $20 The Universe Fine Silver - Dented Sleeve

To celebrate all those Canadian scientists and stargazers, the Royal Canadian Mint created a coin aptly named “The Universe.” This one-ounce coin is made from 99.99% pure silver, with a face value of $20.

On the reverse is a truly incredible design created by Loïc Beaumont-Tremblay. At the bottom of the coin is an engraved section that features the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic in Quebec with a forested area surrounding it. The observatory is looking up at the stunning night sky above.

Of course, the centrepiece of this astronomy-based coin is the sky, a dark painted scene with many shining stars. Above the ground is an attractive blue shimmer. Set in the coin amongst the stars is a borosilicate glass globule that features a design of the universe. This beautifully intricate glasswork is a sight to behold in the light. However, it hides a secret that you can’t see until you turn off the lights. The glass is luminescent, glowing in the dark. The galactic swirl contained in the glass is a reminder of the mysteries in the night’s sky.

Interestingly, the glass globule is unique in each coin. So, while there is a mintage of 8,500 of this coin, the reality is that each is one of a kind. If you or someone you know is a stargazer, this is a can’t-miss coin. The coin is available in proof finish. On the obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II created by Susanna Blunt.

Find the Next Addition to Your Collection

The 2016 Royal Canadian Mint coins had many impressive designs, but even among them “The Universe” remains uniquely eye-catching. You can add this coin to your collection by ordering from Colonial Acres Coins.

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