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Canada Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Dollars

The Royal Canadian Mint has created a variety of different silver coins over the years. Before the current one-dollar coin or "loonie" went into circulation in 1987, everyone used Canadian silver dollars for their everyday exchanges. This Canadian silver dollar is well-known among collectors but may not be common knowledge for your average person. The coin sports a background of the Northern Lights in faintly sketched lines, with a prominent image on the reverse side known as the "voyageur."

While this coin may be a collectible today, there remains an even rarer and lesser-known series of coins that were never issued to the public. In 1981, the RCM started producing a limited number of silver coins with a unique design. They featured a brilliant background and a brilliant relief and became known as the Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Dollars.

What Makes Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Dollars Collectible?

The first thing to know about these silver dollars is that they were released in different batches, each one with entirely unique designs. The first Brilliant Uncirculated collection featured the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1997 the design celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Summit Series of the Canada-Russia hockey competition. In fact, each year an entirely different design was released, up until 2016. These designs include a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Loon Dollar, a Stanley Cup centennial design and a National Parks centennial design.

The Brilliant Uncirculated coins have almost always been released in smaller numbers than the Proof versions, which are made with a parallel lined background with frosted relief. For instance, the 2004 edition, made in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the first settlement of the French in North America, had only 41,934 coins released, compared to the 81,335 coins of the Proof variety. While there were over 200,000 of the Stanley Cup Centennial coins released of the Proof version, the Brilliant Uncirculated version was released as only 88,150 coins. In 2015, only 15,000 Brilliant Uncirculated coins were minted in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag.

What Makes The Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Dollars Precious?

Silver coins fell out of circulation with the dawn of the "loonie" in 1987. Nowadays, it is hard to find actual silver dollars anywhere. An uncirculated coin is a coin that was released as a purely collectible item. These coins cannot actually be used as currency, though they can be sold and exchanged for real currency. Silver, a precious metal, holds its value remarkably well. Currently, the price of silver is going up. However, what makes these coins particularly valuable is not only that they are made of silver, but that they are always originally valued at much more than a dollar.

Sometimes collectible uncirculated coins go up in value over time, and sometimes they decrease. These fluctuations can be unpredictable. Consider the most recent Brilliant Uncirculated coins. The 2015 Canadian flag coin was valued at $54.95 at the time of its release. Look back to the 1981 Canadian Pacific Railway coins that were sold for $14 per coin, and you get an idea of how things have inflated over time.

In addition, Brilliant Uncirculated coins are minted in such a way as to always receive their luster. If they have remained encased, then they will remain in mint condition. Learn more about History of the RCMP Dog Sled Patrol.

1997 Canada/Russia Hockey Brialliant Uncirculated Sterling Silver Dollar

1985 Canada National Parks Centennial Brilliant Uncirculated Dollar

1981 Canada Trans-Canada Railway Centennial Brilliant Uncirculated Dollar

Why Consider Collectible Coins?

When you invest in uncirculated collectible coins, not only do you get to have something special that most people will never possess, but you also get to own a work of art crafted from a real mint. The meticulousness and care that goes into these designs make each and every one unique. Some people will keep Brilliant Uncirculated coins as antiques or talismans. Others view them as memorials or keepsakes of a time forgotten.

If you do decide to shop for Brilliant Uncirculated Canadian dollars, it is important to go with a reputable dealer. It is possible for people to make counterfeits, so you want to work with a company with the expertise to know the validity of is sold. At Colonial Acres Coins, we bring you this level of expertise along with a substantial selection that includes many of the Brilliant Uncirculated editions you may now covet.

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1997 Canada/Russia Hockey BU Sterling Silver Dollar and Pin (May be lightly toned) 1997 Canada/Russia Hockey BU Sterling Silver Dollar and Pin (May be lightly toned)

1997 "34 Seconds to Eternity" 1972 Canada-Russia Hockey Series Commemorative Brilliant Uncirculated Sterling Silver Dollar and Sterling Silver Pin. May be lightly toned. Image is an example of what you will receive.

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