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  • Royal Canadian Mint Releases Coins in 2019 Celebrating Canada

    Royal Canadian Mint Releases Coins in 2019 Celebrating Canada

    2019 Coins That Celebrate Canada

    The Canadian culture and heritage is a diverse one characterized by inclusivity and generosity, characteristics that were on full display in the coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2019. It is an enviable heritage that many around the world admire. Canadians have always been associated with a spirit of compassion and have been known to embrace other nationalities and cultures with open arms. This is why the Royal Canadian Mint released a 2019 coin as an ode to this great culture and spirit.

    Canadian Spirit Captured in Coin

    2019 $200 Celebrating Canada's Diversity - Light and Prosperity

    This special Canadian coin, the 1 oz pure gold coin has one major purpose, to celebrate the Canadian for its diversity and inclusivity. Inspiration from other cultures is evident on the face of this coin through patterns that mirror the traditional mandala and rangoli designs. The coin has at its focal point a gem that serves as a powerful reminder of Canada’s acceptance of immigrant cultures - a 5mm AA grade natural Madagascar ruby. The gem is framed all around by another international cultural symbol - the lotus flower, which has strong associations with Indian cultures. The extended petals of the lotus flower reach out to the edges of the coin much in the same way Canadians’ generosity reaches out to the international community. This 99.99% gold coin with its proof finish and serialized certificate is undoubtedly a great prize to add to any collection.

    The Creative Mind Behind the 1 oz Pure Gold Coin

    The coin’s designer Frances Ferdinands experienced the inclusive and embracing culture of Canada first hand as a Canadian who was born in Sri Lanka. A graduate of York University, this artist has a solid reputation for creating fine works of art even though she is considered a mid-career artist. The public has been benefitting from the splendor of her work for the last three decades as she has been displaying her creations in a group as well as individual exhibitions.

    2019 Canada $30 The Fabric of Canada

    Another coin that highlights this awesome Canadian spirit is the fabric of Canada silver coin. Into the silver core of the coin is crafted a picture that combines scenes from sites that are beloved to all Canadians. These sites include The Peace Tower, which is located on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia and Kicking Horse Canyon in British Columbia.

    All the sites hold strong significance for native and immigrant Canadians as they represent the experiences of the people over centuries. Peggy’s Cove, for instance, is associated with the tale of an immigrant girl who managed to swim ashore after the ship she was travelling in met a horrific demise in which all others on board were killed. Kicking Horse Canyon also has associations with migrants as it is said to be the site of an incident in which an explorer, having been kicked by a horse, plunged downwards, miraculously surviving the fall. The Canadian flag stands proudly at the forefront in colour, its brightness enhancing its position as a unifying force for Canadians from all backgrounds

    The Creative Mind Behind the Fabric of Canada Silver Coin

    The fabric of Canada Silver coin was designed by Rebecca Yanovskaya, a freelance illustrator with a passion and penchant for horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres. She is a graduate of Sheridan College in Toronto where she studied illustration and is considered unique in her field as she is the only illustrator who uses a ballpoint to create her work.

    Throughout 2019, Royal Canadian Mint has proven itself to be innovative and inventive as it continues to lead the charge in bringing to the public, high quality, stunning and cutting edge collectible coins that highlight the greatness of Canadian culture.

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2019 has been a spectacular year for numismatic enthusiasts in Canada and around the world. This year saw the release of some truly inspired collectible coins by Canada’s coin experts, Royal Canadian Mint. 2019 Royal Canadian Mint coins have made the year extremely special for many people and they have the potential to positively impact many more lives. If you are seeking a gift that has multiple benefits, these coins should be front and center on your radar as they appeal to patriots, trinket lovers, and many others while also attracting real value as they appreciate with age.

A wide range of complete sets and individual pieces entered the coin market in 2019 and to say the numismatic community was ecstatic would be an understatement. The sets have been inspiring pride, bliss, joy and other sentiments in the hearts of collectors around the world. These sets were thematically designed with such a wide scope of variation in styles that everyone can find one that meets their preferences. As Royal Canadian Mint products, these coins are gifts that come with an additional perk, they appreciate in value over time as collector’s items and each is certified as an authentic product of Canada’s sole coin authority.

Pieces Designed to Encourage Reflection on Canada’s Culture and History

The depth and scope of Canadian pride is difficult to encapsulate into an item as small as a coin. But this is the magic that Royal Canadian Mint has worked. They managed to capture this great spirit in one coin, the 2019 Canada $5 This is Canada! Fine Silver coin. This 99.9% pure silver coin showcases the Canadian flag as one of the two major images it displays, the other major feature is that of the top portion of the globe, the northern hemisphere. The portion of the globe, which is located at the bottom of the picture displays the map of Canada with its ten provinces. The flag’s bold red colours help to create a powerful image by contrasting the silver of the remainder of the artwork and of course, the Maple leaf, a great symbol of Canadian spirit is also displayed in the same powerful red hue. To add to its spectacular appeal, this coin has a glow-in-the-dark feature!

Another coin that is sure to reignite a flame in the hearts of Canadians or fan those already existing flames to higher heights is the 2019 Canada $200 100th Anniversary of CN Pure Gold Coin. Designed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Canadian National Railway, this 99.9% pure gold coin features bold golden images of three trains on rails from a frontal view. There is no denying the classic appeal of this piece which also pays homage to others of its kind that were issued during the era when steam was popular.

See more coins released in 2019 that celebrate Canada

The sheer majesty of the 2019 Royal Canadian Mint collection was taken a notch higher with the release of the 2019 Canada Special Wrap Roll Collection First Strikes. You can find these rolls as 2 dollar, 1 dollar, 50 cents, 25 cents, 5 cents and 10 cents face value coins. Great Historic value is to be found within these coins as they were the first of their kind (circulation coins dated 2019) to be made at the Winnipeg facility. Additionally, they are spectacular to observe as they possess holographic features. But perhaps the most striking feature of these rolls is the fact that they can be used as a physical timeline of Canada in 2019. They reflect a number of experiences faced by Canadians throughout 2019 and can be used as great reflection points later on.

Other coins that also help to celebrate Canadian pride include the 2019 USA and Canada Pride of two Nations- Limited Edition Two-Coin Set which serves as a splendid reminder of the long and robust relationship that Canada has shared with its North American neighbour, the USA. The Canadian Tribute coin features a dominating image of the symbolic Maple leaf with an integration of the American flag’s symbol, the stars which can be seen around the inner portion of the edge along with smaller versions of the Maple leaf. The USA tribute coin features a large image of the walking lady liberty, a powerful image in US culture and a reminder of the historic 1947 half-dollar US coin, on one side and the famous words scripted on US currency ‘In God We Trust’. On the other side, this coin features the American coat of arms. This coin has a relatively low mintage of 10,000 internationally, which makes an even more precious acquisition.

The 2019 Collection: An Assortment of Coins For Varying Tastes

The 2019 collection has sets and individual pieces that are designed to suit the tastes of even the most discerning client or recipient. There are coins that appeal to nature lovers. These include dinosaur collections as well as coins that focus on the splendour of Earth’s other features such as the plants skies and water bodies. One prime example of this is the 2019 Canada Double Concave Coin Nature’s Grandeur: Wolves Fine Silver coin. On the face of this coin you’ll find two majestic images of wolves standing atop rocks and surveying the scene below. The fact that the observer is presented with the image from a perspective below the wolves enhances the majestic beauty of the animals. With a thickness and weight that is double that of typical cons along with proof finish and an inward curving design that adds depth to the image displayed, this coin is truly a spectacular work of art.

Coins for Every Occasion - How Royal Canadian Mint Coins Fit Varying Purposes

These 2019 coins are also great for various festive or celebratory occasions. The 2019 Canada Baby Gift Set, for example, is perfect for celebrating the arrival of that special bundle of joy. The 2019 Canada Birthday Gift Set With Party-Hat Loon is ideal for making a birthday celebration exceptionally special. And if the occasion being celebrated is a festive season like the winter holidays, the 2019 Canada Holiday Gift Set is perfect for the job. Those who are celebrating wedded bliss are not left out either as the 2019 set includes a wedding gift set, the 2019 Canada Wedding Gift Set with Wedding Cake Loon. And even if the coin does not overtly indicate any special occasion or milestone, it can still serve as a special gift. This means that each coin in the 2019 collection can be used as a gift for a birthday, baby shower or other special occasions.

Undoubtedly, this collection is diverse enough to make it a useful source for anyone who is seeking valuable trinkets with powerful meanings. These coins appeal to the better side of humanity and are sure to inspire deep emotional sentiments in the hearts of those who hold them. If you want to impress a friend, colleague or family member with a gift that is meaningful, classy and valuable, then you definitely should be checking out the 2019 Royal Canadian Mint pieces, which of course, are available at Colonial Acres, Canada’s trusted source for the most authentic and valuable collectibles in the country and the world at large.

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