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Chinese Zodiac Coins

The Chinese Zodiac known as Sheng Xiao is a calendar that has been a go-to source and guiding the lives of people around the world for centuries. Today, even though China uses the Gregorian calendar (the calendar most used in the world for day to day planning) the Chinese Calendar remains the source that determines the seasons and festivals. Chinese Zodiac coins are perfect for encapsulating the impact of the zodiac signs in the lives of people around the globe. Read more about the meaning behind birthstones in Zodiac coins. Read also about the First 6 Zodiac Birthstone Coins.

A Closer Look at the Chinese Zodiac System

This very popular zodiac system is made up of twelve-year cycles with each of the twelve years being represented by an animal, which is why you often hear references to the year of the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig. The first in that series represents the beginning of the cycle and the years take their labels consecutively up to year twelve of the cycle- the year of the pig. The most recent cycle started in 2008 with the year of the rat. Chinese zodiac signs represent, for many, signs of luck centering on birthdays, planting and reaping seasons and other important events or milestones. To this end there are four main calendars used in Chinese culture the farming, lunar, traditional and former calendar. One aspect of Chinese zodiac custom that has spread around the world is the association of a person’s characteristics and prospects for life with the zodiac symbol that reigned during the year of the person’s birth. In Asian cultures, such as Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese, the zodiac signs are still relied on when people make significant decisions such as selecting wedding dates or making choices in their love life. The custom has taken root in non-Asian cultures and today can be found in other hemispheres as well. Chinese Zodiac signs have been celebrated by specifically designed collections of Chinese lunar coins by the Royal Canadian Mint and Colonial Acres has a rich collection that is sure to both awe and inspire you. Take some time to read more and indulge in some exploration of a few of the pieces you’ll find at Colonial Acres. Learn more about 2021 year of the ox coins. Visit here.

2018 Canada $8 Good Luck Charms - Five Blessings

2018 Canada $8 Good Luck Charms: Five Blessings Fine Silver

Wrap yourself up in a blanket of good luck with this Chinese Zodiac inspired good luck charm coin. The Five Blessings Silver $8 coin has a design featuring five bats encircling the Chinese character, Shou (symbol of longevity). The coin is modelled after a popular Chinese good luck symbol, which is a common feature in Chinese households as it carries with it a good fortune in longevity, health, wealth and happiness. The Five Blessings coin is also available in pure gold with a face value of $200. It is an excellent good luck charm to add to your collection.

2018 Canada The San Xing Gods: Fu, Lu, Shou 5oz. 3-coin Silver Set

A trifecta of great luck and blessings awaits you with this silver coin set depicting the three Chinese San Xing gods Fu, Lu and Shou. These gods typically occupy prominent places in Chinese homes and business places and Colonial Acres invites you to take them home with you too! Each god is depicted in rich bright colours against a backdrop of silver and poses with the symbol of the blessing he brings- luck (Fu), wealth (Lu) and health/longevity (Shou). The mintage is limited as only eight sets were created in a bid to both honour the Chinese association of the number 8 with good fortune and amplify the benefits brought by the set.

2018 Canada The San Xing Gods - Fu, Lu, Shou

Year of the Dragon & Year of the Snake Coins

Year of the Dragon and Snake Coins

To mark the year of the dragon a number of silver and gold coins graced the shelves of Canada’s most reliable and legitimate coin dealers. One such coin is the 2000 Dragon $15 Lunar Silver/Gold Coin, which features a stunning representation of the noble dragon, an animal that has a strong history of association with China's great emperors. The coin has a sterling silver base with an inset gold plated octagonal frame on which the dragon poses in mid prance. Around the frame, etched in silver, are the images of other Chinese zodiac symbols.

The Year of the Snake (2001) was duly celebrated by Royal Canadian Mint with the release of multiple coins reflecting this very popular Chinese zodiac symbol associated with a charismatic, hypnotic character as well as remarkable skills in strategic and philosophical thinking. Although the one coin worth mentioning more of is the $15 Year of the Snake coin. It is sterling silver and has a 24k gold plated octagonal-shaped centre. This is where the snake’s curved body can be seen. Around the golden portion, the other zodiac symbols appear as if to represent a spirit of oneness and completion. It is the perfect gift for anyone born in that year.

The Year of the Monkey, Rooster and Tiger

2016 was the Year of the Monkey, a year governed by a shrewd yet friendly animal. Commemorate the recently passed zodiac year or be prepared for the next year of the monkey with one or more pieces from Colonial Acres’ extensive collection.

We have a number of coins to celebrate and encourage good fortune during the Year of the Rooster. 2017 may have gone, but as the Chinese zodiac is a cycle, it will come around again, and when it does, you want to have one of these charm coins handy. One that will definitely grab your attention is the 18K gold coin with a $150 face value. The coin depicts a bold golden image of the rooster in profile view. The lucky bird poses on one led and looks back at a snaking river which leads to the golden sun rising (or setting, depending on your interpretation) on the horizon. Find Out More About The 2017 RCM Zodiac Coin Series. Read here.

Year of the Monkey, Rooster and Tiger Coins

The year 2018 belonged to those with the spirit of the tiger dwelling inside them and the 2018 Canada $10 Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang Fine Silver Coins stands out as a memorabilia representing all that this animal represents. The coin is designed as two parts to reflect the yin and yang shapes which, when fitted together, form a whole coin and reflect balance. Two Chinese zodiac images, that of the tiger and the dragon are represented in full colour (one on each piece) in this set.

Year of the Rat Silver and Gold Coins

2020 Year of the Rat Silver and Gold Coins

Colonial Acres has two outstanding coins designed to bring all that is good your way in 2020, the Year of the Rat. Pieces such as the 2020 Canada $150 Year of the Rat Gold Coin will help you to be ready to capitalize on the affable and cunning traits of the rat when the animal’s year rolls around. The coin is 18K gold and bears a depiction of the rat in a background that appears like a frosted mirror as well the Chinese representation for the word ‘rat’. For those who prefer the coolness of silver, there is a silver 2020 year of the rat coin. This coin holds mystery and intrigue in its design with the image of the rat sporting intricate designs while hiding, within the pattern, the Chinese version of the word and the good luck symbol. The coin is 99.99% pure silver and is serrated at the edge.

Colonial Acres stands out proudly among legitimate Canadian coin dealers as providers of high-quality Chinese zodiac-themed memorabilia and charms. We aim to provide a wide range of Zodiac Coins and Chinese Lunar coins for you to feast your eyes on and take home to enhance your personal collection or to present as gifts. We are always available to answer any questions you may have on any collection and will work hard to find the piece you are looking for.

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