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2017 Gold and Platinum Commemorative Coins

2017 Gold and Platinum Commemorative Coins

Royal Canadian Mint is a part of the great history of Canada, founded over 100 years ago and the sole producer of authentic minted coins. To celebrate the 150th anniversary in 2017 they have produced some of their finest work, how else could you show the glowing hearts of our nation and what we represent. The rush for these coins was a clear sign of the pride felt for our country as well as the fantastic workmanship produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The millions of people who celebrated together in that huge event tell us everything we need to know about the importance of our 150th Anniversary. Canada certainly knows how to celebrate, ask anyone from another country who has participated in Canada Day, what are the words they mention? Huge festivals, music, fireworks, friends and good times. Read more about 2017 Royal Canadian Mint Items

The Royal Wedding 70th Anniversary Platinum Set

For all of you serious collectors, this is a rare chance to get a hold of a limited edition (600 worldwide) 2017 Canada Royal Wedding Anniversary Platinum Set , in a Maple wood case with a black beauty box. The chance for such a stunning set is a rarity for all those royalty aficionados, a celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II to the future Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

We can now give you the opportunity to own or gift an item that celebrates a special date in the great history of Canada. If you are wanting to gift or present a special piece of Canadian history, here is your chance, or if you are a collector, this could be the missing coin that you need to make your collection complete.

2017 Canada Royal Wedding Anniversary Platinum Set

2017 Canada $200 Autumn Fire Shaped Maple Leaf Pure Gold

Autumn Fire Shaped Maple Leaf Coin

Colonial Acres is giving you the possibility to find that perfect gift to add to your collection. If you want something that says 'Canada' then don't miss out on this exquisite piece. The first coloured autumn gold maple leaf produced in 99.99% pure gold . It is on our flag, our national symbol and you can now own this item.

Famous for its brilliant seasonal colour, the fiery red sugar maple leaf is simply radiant as it basks in autumn's golden light. proudly introduces its first coloured, 99.99% pure gold, maple leaf-shaped coin as an exquisite tribute to Canada's most iconic national symbol, which has been associated with this land for over three centuries.

Royal Canadian Mint coins are popular with collectors for their attention to detail and quality, these coins display all those virtues. The coins released in 2017 will forever hold a special place for collectors due to the beautiful design of the items. It is a milestone year for the country, a date that every Canadian will know how they celebrated and where they were. This is a chance for you to invest in the gold and platinum collector’s coins. An investment that you can not only see but feel and touch, available now. They capture what Canada is and as such are a firm favourite among connoisseurs as well as the general public.

A piece of craftsmanship that stands out from the rest, with its intricate details embedded into the coins, if you add to that what this means to celebrate this special occasion for Canada. This gives you a collection that will be placed in high esteem. Colonial Acres presents this fine selection of incredible anniversary coins that are available for you to purchase. Anyone who is a collector of coins or passionate about the history of Canada can't miss out. These unique coins are from our historical milestone, 150 years celebrating what makes Canada, Canada.