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2017 Royal Canadian Mint Items

It is not very often that you come across valuable collectibles that also carry powerful sentimental and cultural value. But when you step into Colonial Acres, that is exactly what you will see… everywhere. Colonial Acres is Canada’s premier coin and collectibles sales outlet and our catalogues reflect this perfectly. All our items are authentic, with immaculate designs and carefully selected features. Our 2017 Royal Canadian Mint collection, which is designed to suit a wide range of collectible and gifting purposes, is a perfect example of this exquisite beauty.


Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has been Canada’s sole authorized producer of authentic memorabilia, bullion, and legal tender circulation coins. The coins they release are minted to a high standard and include intricate details as well as embedded features that prove their authenticity. This is backed by a certificate of authenticity that accompanies each souvenir or collectible piece.

If you are seeking the perfect gift that reflects a combination of Canadian spirit along with deep sentimental attachment then you should check out one of the many series from the Mint at Colonial Acres. If you are seeking to complete or augment an already established collection with that one piece which has been eluding you, finding it at Colonials Acres can be easy.

The 2017 150th anniversary commemorative pieces are among the exceptional sets from the Royal Canadian Mint. In 1967 Canadians celebrated the centennial marking 100 years of Canadian Confederation with celebrations that took place throughout the provinces and one big celebration known as Expo67. Designed to celebrate this significant milestone in Canadian history, the birth of modern Canada, these sets come in a wide variety of designs and values.

Coins that celebrate Canada’s military past are very important. They symbolize and reflect the bravery, sacrifice, and triumphs of Canadians who serve this great nation and our world with honour. In 2017 several military coins were released. These coins include the Battle of Vimy Ridge 5-Coin Circulation Pack. This pack was designed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the pivotal War One Battle which took place in France. It was a proud and painful moment in Canadian History as the Canadian Forces secured the victory at great human expense. The set contains five beautifully crafted coins bearing a $2 denomination and engravings that reflect the great military event. Without a doubt, it is a great way to keep in memory those who made such a tremendous sacrifice so that we can enjoy a better world today.

The 2017 coins also include those that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Toronto Maple Leafs, an ice hockey team that has been a source of pride and admiration for Canadians across the spectrum. Canada’s superstars on ice are deserving of the honour that these coin collections bestow on them. Fans of the team can bask in the joy of acquiring their very own commemorative coin. This and other Maple Leafs commemorative coins are available in bundles called rolls, allowing you to gift these collectible items to as many as 25 recipients. Since this team is such a great national symbol, these coins make the perfect gift for any hockey-loving Canadian. Check out our blog about the 2017 Royal Canadian Mint Coin Sets for Hockey Fans to Collect.

Other patriotic coins in the 2017 collection include; the 8-set My Canada My Inspiration Uncirculated Proof-like Set, the Oh Canada Gift Set and Canada’s 150th Our Home and Native Land SE Silver Proof Set. Like the Maple Leafs commemorative coins, they are designed to showcase and honour the things that Canadians love and treasure.

The year 2017 ushered in a flurry of celebrations as Canadians celebrated the 150th anniversary of the confederacy. It was a time of great national pride as Canadians basked in all the things that make up the rich and varied Canadian culture. The focal date for most celebrations was Canada Day, July 1, 2017. Canadians came out in their numbers to revel in the nation’s great achievements and long, eventful history. As truly patriotic Canadians, the Royal Canadian Mint joined the celebrations through the release of several 150th-anniversary coins.

The coins’ designs reflect the beautiful flora and fauna of this great North American nation and are sure to ignite and boost a flame in the hearts of Canadians. Coin enthusiasts get to choose from gold, silver, plated and proof finish coins in a wide array of designs. What better way is there to show your love for this great nation than to add a set or two to your collection!


The 2017 collection reflects the talent of today’s coin designers, most of whom are Canadians. Royal Canadian Mint prioritizes quality when producing coins and therefore you can rest assured that with these pieces you are reaping the benefits of superb craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, you’ll receive your very own certificate of authenticity to verify that your coin is legitimate.

Some coins have rich colours and striking images that are designed to present a realistic image of the concept reflected. As you examine some of these coins, you will undoubtedly find yourself drawn into the image as though you were experiencing the setting or event in real-time. What an exciting way to experience the kaleidoscope of scenery and events that make up the rich Canadian culture!

See more about the attention to design in this 2017 Canada Coasts Coin Series

In the 2017 Royal Canadian Mint collection, you’ll also find pieces that are specifically designed for gifting. The wedding set is perfect for numismatic enthusiasts who are about to tie the knot, but it is also great for couples who treasure souvenir pieces. These coins are designed with wedding motifs and are sure to tug at the heartstrings of recipients.

Some coins are perfect for seasonal gifts. The 2017 collection includes sets that are perfect for the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day or Easter. We even carry sets that will make perfect baby shower gifts. You can bet that a coin set will be a unique baby shower gift as few people will think of this novel gift idea.

Royal Canadian Mint 2017 coin or coin set is a truly unique gift. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it could also grow into a valuable asset as time passes. This is especially true for those coins that are made from precious substances such as gold or silver, coins with a limited mintage and coins that reflect high profile events and people. Imagine the joy that your friend or family member will experience after discovering that a coin you gave them some time ago has appreciated and is now worth a lot of money! Imagine experiencing that same joy after buying a coin or a set for your collection!

Whether you are seeking to add to an existing collection or brighten someone’s day with a meaningful and valuable gift, you should be considering the 2017 coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. If you have significant milestones coming up in your social circles, why not stay ahead of the game and grab some of these coins today so that you’ll have them on hand when the big day arrives?

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