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A Recap of the 2017 Royal Canadian Mint Coins in Canada

2017 Royal Canadian Coin Recap

2017 was an eventful year for Canadians. A number of significant events, both negative and positive took place during those 12 months. The 2017 Royal Canadian Mint coins help us to explore, treasure and reflect on some of these big moments.

The Canadian Climate

The Canadian weather is subject to disasters much like that of other countries around the world. Some of the adverse weather events of 2017 were the big winter storm in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which took place in March and trapped many people inside their homes, and the Flood of Eastern Canada and Quebec, which took place in May and resulted in thousands of people being forced from their homes and into shelters.

In 2017, Canadians faced a cold winter that stuck around for longer than expected. The warmth of the Canadian heart and spirit though, ensured that the nation got through the winter and had some fun doing so. The cold weather is perfect for sports such as ice hockey, a game Canadians love. Unfortunately, 2017’s cold spells caused the cancellation of the outdoor matches for major games like the Bell Capital Cup international youth cup Hockey championship as the temperatures got so cold it was unsafe for play. This happened as outdoor playing surfaces were compromised after developing cracks due to cold snaps. Fortunately, indoor sites were available to be used as alternative sites for matches.

Many of the 2017 coins reflect the cold winters for which the Canadian environment is known. Coins like the 2017 Canada $20 Snow Covered Trees With Murano Glass Fine Silver aptly depict the Canadian winter. On the coin’s face, the intensity of the Canadian winter stands out prominently with the white sheet of coldness covering everything while in the center a Murano glass image resembling an evergreen tree. The green of the lone uncovered tree contrasts sharply with the whiteness of the remaining scenery, hinting at the resilience of nature and of course, the Canadian people.

But the Canadian natural environment is often quite pleasant serene and picturesque and this is reflected in some coins released in 2017. Two outstanding coins in this category are the 2017 Great Canadian Outdoors Night Skiing Fine Silver coins, which features a popular Canadian sport amidst a glorious snowy backdrop and the 2017 $15 Great Canadian Outdoors – Canoeing Fine Silver coin which depicts a serene sunset over a beautiful lake.

The Canadian Climate

Celebrating the Momentous Occasions

On the positive side, Canadians were elated to celebrate the country’s 150thanniversary and the Queen’s 70th anniversary in 2017. As usual, Royal Canadian Mint always had its finger on the pulse of the Canadian Nation. Swiftly and astutely picking up on the major events impacting Canadian lives, they released a collection of 2017 coins designed to commemorate or celebrate these events. Among these coins were the 2017 Canada A Royal Wedding Anniversary Platinum Set and the Canada 150 Coins.

The coins celebrating the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary, the 2017 Canada A Royal Wedding Anniversary Platinum Set, offers holders an amazing opportunity to own a keepsake that marks an important event in Canadian and world history. As the first platinum set released by RCM since 2004 and with a platinum quality rating of 99.95%, as well as a low mintage of 600, these coins are highly collectible.

Celebrating The Momentous Occasions

The Canada 150th anniversary coins were released in various designs and with varying values in order to ensure that they would appeal to the varying tastes and wallet strengths of Canadians.

Prices range from the affordable three-coin subscription product (including the Spirit of Canada Coin, the Heart of Our Nation coin and the Proudly Canadian coin) to the more pricey 2017 Classic Canadian Wrap Roll which includes a comprehensive collection of dimes, nickels, 25 cents, 2 dollar, and one-dollar coins.

These events which touched the lives of Canadians so deeply have been captured in snapshots and immortalized in the beautiful 2017 coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint. The coins tell a story of a year of challenges, triumphs, and celebrations. And when you really think about it, there really is no other item that does this so beautifully while attracting sentimental and monetary value the way these coins do.