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Silver Bullion

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver Bullion Canada

Silver bullion is high-purity silver in the form of coins, bars, and other items. The Royal Canadian Mint sometimes produces special bullion coins for commemorating noteworthy aspects of Canadian history and culture. Colonial Acres Coins has a broad selection of bullion from Canada and other parts of the world.

Reasons To Collect Bullion

There are many reasons that people buy silver bullion coins in Canada. Unlike everyday circulated currency, they have intrinsic, face, and collectability value. These are a few of the benefits of collecting bullion:

Beautiful Collectibles: Silver bullion coins are often some of the finest produced by the RCM and other mints. Bullion coins provide a “meatier” base for designs. In many cases, they are heavier and more enjoyable to hold and behold than other coins. All these qualities help make them popular choices for collecting. When the RCM releases bullion, Canada’s collectors are often quick to line up.

Day of the Dead Monarch 2oz Silver Sugar Skull With Daisy

Intrinsic Value: Most of the world uses fiat currency, money that isn’t backed by precious metals or other non-monetary valuables. While this system works well for the global economy, it is based solely on confidence. If people don’t believe that money has value, it doesn’t have value. Conversely, bullion coins have a separate, intrinsic value from the silver in them. They aren’t solely reliant on confidence and central banks to be considered valuable.

1oz. Silver Maple Leaf $5 .9999 Pure

Inflation Hedging: Due to the intrinsic value of the silver content, bullion coins tend to be very inflation-resistant. A $1 paper note is always worth $1, regardless of how much you can buy with it. On the other hand, silver bullion’s value increases with the market for silver. This includes bullion coins, which often exceed their face value. It is a way to hedge your money against inflation with minimal risk.

Icons of Route 66 - New Mexico Dinosaur Museum 1oz. .999 Silver Shield

Whether you want to make an investment in silver, collect some beautiful coins, or prepare for the worst-case scenario, silver bullion can be a great option. At Colonial Acres Coins, we have coins, bars, rounds, and other bullion Canada’s and other countries’ mints have produced.

Royal Canadian Mint Bullion Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint takes its bullion very seriously. The mint creates both commemorative and investment coins. The Maple Leaf bullion coin is the RCM’s most noteworthy.

This coin was introduced in 1988 and has continued to be a sought-after investment piece. It is minted with one troy ounce of silver and is 99.99% pure. The face value is $5. Over the years, these coins have gotten more and more advanced with new security and protective features. Today, the RCM claims that they are the world’s most secure bullion coins.

On the reverse of the Maple Leaf silver bullion coin is a stunning, high-detail design of a maple leaf, one of Canada’s most famous symbols. Additionally, the number “9999” and the words “fine silver 1 az argent pur” are printed, representing the purity of the coin. On the obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the face value, and the year of the coin.

Security and purity are major concerns for bullion coins. The RCM takes two primary measures to protect against counterfeiting and damage:

Bullion DNA: This anti-counterfeiting technology uses special features such as advanced engraving, laser-marketing and precision radial designs to make counterfeiting very challenging. The system also includes a device that can instantly validate the security features as being authentic. Within seconds, investors can know if they are dealing with genuine coins.

2019 Tuvalu $1 Marvel Series - Captain America 1oz. .999 Silver

Mintshield: Part of the value of bullion coins comes from the pristine design and surface. It is common for silver coins to develop white “milk spots” that harm the aesthetic appeal (though not the silver content). Mintshield helps to protect against this form of damage, keeping the coins as pristine as possible.

2020 Silver Bullion

Non-Royal Canadian Mint Bullion

In addition to our RCM bullion coins, Colonial Acres Coins has silver bars from refineries and mints, silver rounds and shapes, scrap and bullion coins from other mints including the U.S., Australia, China, the U.K., and many others. Whatever your bullion collection preferences, we have something that is right for you.

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Colonial Acres Coins has a broad array of coins, paper money, bullion, and more. Our catalogue includes options for collectors of all budgets, preferences, and experience levels. Explore our offerings today to find the right pieces for your collection.

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