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Why Now Is the Time To Invest in Silver Bullion

Invest in Silver Bullion

Today's investors have an array of choices to build their portfolio and grow their wealth. At Colonial Acres Coins, we offer clients a variety of options to invest in silver bullion giving them more opportunities for a diverse portfolio. The market for silver investments has done well recently and brought investors great returns. Experts expect to see even more top performance from silver as the economy goes through changes with the recent global developments. Here are some reasons why now is the time to invest in silver.

In Demand in the Manufacturing Industry

One of the best reasons investors should consider silver at the moment is because of its value to the industrial manufacturing industry. This precious metal is in hot demand and stands to further increase in worth because of the variety of its uses in manufacturing. In fact, silver is most commonly used in an industrial setting. Many technologies require this metal:

Solar Panels – Silver is used in the construction of the solar panel's photovoltaic cells.

Cell Phones – All of these devices contain silver, with an increase in demand to construct phones expected.

Plastic and Chemical Production – Silver is used as a catalyst to make ethylene oxide, which is part of the production process for several plastic and chemical materials.

Auto Industry – Cars equipped with self-heating windshields use silver to conduct heat wirelessly.

Solar Panels

Cell Phones

A Physical Asset

Investors also like silver as a potential part of their portfolio because it's one of the few investment products that is still a physical asset. Physical assets like silver and gold often do well during tough economic times and offer protection against the volatility of the stock market and other investments. The downside to this is that physical assets, like silver, are more vulnerable to theft.

Ideal for Bull Markets

Additionally, silver has found a lot of success in the current market. Despite the stock market hitting what some investors thought is the ceiling in the last year, investments like silver are still making gains. Silver has a lot more potential to make big gains in a bull market, even outperforming gold in some instances.

Lower Prices Than Other Investments

Something that gets in the way of many investors taking advantage of other types of investments is the high initial price to get started. Investments like real estate, certain stock options, and currencies can come with hefty price tags. Silver is a bargain in the investment world and allows even those on a budget to create a wealth portfolio.

Although it's reasonably priced, silver is not as liquid as other investments, however. Converting bars of silver to cash may require a few steps if investors need to cash in their stock.

High Returns

The bargain prices of silver investments also tend to offer much higher returns for investors. When it's compared to the return on gold, the lower price of silver makes big gains much more possible than other precious metals. While silver may offer better returns when comparing it against gold, though, it doesn't pay out dividends as stocks do.

2020 US $1 American Eagle 1oz. .999 Silver

2004 Canada $5 D-Day Privy Mark Silver Maple Leaf

Hot Air Balloon 1/4oz. Monarch .999 Fine Silver

Low Inventory

Silver is currently experiencing low levels of worldwide inventory, which gives investors opportunities. In the past, governments would keep a supply of silver inventory in their stockpiles. Today, silver isn't used for currencies anymore, so inventories have been significantly reduced. The demand, however, is set to explode, giving those investors who have their own silver supply the upper hand.

In these unique times a silver bullion investment makes sense. We are committed to educating potential investors and providing information about how to buy silver. Questions? Contact us at Colonial Acres Coins so we can help you navigate the ins and outs of investing in physical silver.