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2017 Canada $150 Lunar Year of the Rooster 18K Gold Coin

2017 Canada $150 Lunar Year of the Rooster 18K Gold Coin

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2017 Canada $150 Year of the Rooster Gold Coin 153568

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2017 is ruled by the Rooster. The Rooster loves to be the centre of attention; witty and self-assured, he can talk about anything! A natural performer, he does amazingly well in any career that puts him in the public eye. The Rooster is astute, organized and decisive-put him in charge, and your life and finances will run like clockwork! This scallop-shaped coin commemorates 2017 as the Lunar Year of the Rooster, and celebrates all who are born under its sign.

Item Number: 153568(single)
Composition: 18-karat gold
Mintage: 2,500
Weight (g): 11.84
Diameter (mm): 28
Face Value: $150
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- The 8th coin in the popular 12-coin Lunar series featuring coins of the Chinese zodiac.
- Crafted in 18-karat gold, this striking coin features a beautiful proof finish that highlights the engraved depiction of a rooster.
- Each coin is enclosed in a gold satin-like covered case, with a custom sleeve whose red colour adds another element of luck to this valuable collectible.
- A treasured keepsake that celebrates a friend or loved one born in the year 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, or newborns in 2017.

Gold satin-like covered case with a custom red sleeve
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