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2016 Canada $30 Northern Lights In The Moonlight Fine Silver (No Tax)

2016 Canada $30 Northern Lights In The Moonlight Fine Silver (No Tax)

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2016 $30 Northern Lights In The Moonlight Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt) 150462

When a dark Arctic sky shimmers with light and the pure white snow glimmers with its radiance, the wolf howls and the human stands in awe.

In Canada's far-northern latitudes, where solitude and beauty often meet, nature takes centre stage with a celestial light show that once seen, cannot be forgotten. Using innovative glow-in-the-dark technology, the spellbinding qualities of the aurora borealis are beautifully recreated on this coloured coin that captures the look and feel of a luminous winter night in the wilds of Canada's Arctic region.

• Item Number: 150462
• Composition: 99.99% fine Silver
• Mintage: 4,000
• Weight (g): 62.67
• Diameter (mm): 54
• Face Value: $30
• Finish: Proof
• Edge: Serrated
• Artist: Julius Csotonyi

Special Features:
• Second coin in a series that combines detailed engraving, glow-in-the-dark technology and full colour, all to masterful effect in this gorgeous design by Julius Csotonyi!
• Multi-coloured, glow-in-the-dark technology adds a dazzling radiance of varying intensity to the aurora borealis and casts a glow on the howling wolves in the Arctic landscape below.
• To experience the design's full effect, place the coin in a light source for 30 to 60 seconds then bring it into the dark to view the spellbinding glow - it's visible even through the capsule!
• Crafted from 99.99% pure silver with a limited mintage of 4,000.
• The first coin in the series sold out from the Royal Canadian Mint in just one day!
• An enchanting gift for any sky-gazer or nature lover, and a conversation piece that resonates with anyone who has experienced the majestic beauty of this northern phenomenon.
• An unforgettable addition to any collection of fine silver and/or glow-in-the-dark coins, allowing you to appreciate this natural phenomenon year-round!

Maroon clamshell with black beauty box
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