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20 Cents

The 20 cents coin is a unique coin to Canadian currency having only been produced in 1858. At the time of the coins production, it was worth the same as a schilling in Halifax. The coin was not very popular and by 1870, the government decided that the coin would be replaced with a 25 cent piece. Many of the 20 cent pieces were sent for melting at the Royal Mint in London and the metal from the melting was used to create the 25 cent coins.

When coins were first produced for Canada they were done so by the Royal Mint of London. The Royal Canadian Mint did not exist at this time. The first fifty years of coin production for Canada took place at the Royal Mint in London with the first coins for circulation for the Province of Canada having been struck in 1858. A few coins were also struck in Birmingham at the Heaton Mint.

Once Canada began to emerge as a nation, coins were needed in more massive quantities. Because of this need, the Royal Mint decided to authorize a facility to be created in Ottawa in 1901, though the facility would not be active until 1908.

Because of the rarity of the coin, the twenty cents piece is a collector’s item. Many collectors would like to add the coin to their collection. There are several errors and varieties of the coin that can make it more valuable. In one instance the image of Victoria is facing upside. Another has a die crack on the left side of the reverse. There is a double five that can be found on some minting’s while others have double letters in the legend.

Still some other coins have a double I in the last I of the word Victoria while other coins will have a re-punced S of cents. The value of the coin will be based on several factors including the condition, scarcity, supply and demand along with errors mentioned above.

With circulated coins, an 1858 20 cents piece that is correct on both sides can have a value of as much as $1200 when the grading meets an MS-60 standard. Even more value can be found in excess of $3000 when the coin is uncirculated and has a grading of MS-63 or better with both sides making this grade point.

Any twenty cents piece would need to be evaluated by an expert to ensure all errors are found as well as the condition considered. The experts at Colonial Acres are happy to assist you with an appraisal of such coins, helping you to learn the true value of such a piece from your collection. You will also find that we can help you with locating a specific twenty cent piece to add to your collection.

This unique coin is definitely one to have in a Canadian coin collection. Set your sights high and you might find the rarest of the twenty cents pieces and be able to have a showpiece in your collection.