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2024 Canada $1 Uncoloured 150th Anniversary of the Birth of L.M. Montgomery Special Wrapped Roll

2024 Canada $1 Uncoloured 150th Anniversary of the Birth of L.M. Montgomery Special Wrapped Roll

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Make the L. M. Montgomery $1 coin part of your collection.

L. M. Montgomery (1874-1942), one of Canada’s most enduringly popular authors, has influenced culture and literature internationally. Publishing hundreds of short stories and poems in addition to 20 novels, she achieved lasting fame through the creation of one of the world’s unforgettable characters: a plucky, talkative orphan girl with red braids, big feelings and imagination, and the same deep love for Prince Edward Island as her creator.

The 2024 $1 commemorative circulation coin pays tribute to L. M. Montgomery, a Canadian literary icon whose writing is treasured by millions worldwide. On the 150th anniversary of her birth, the creator of Anne of Green Gables is the first author to be featured on a Canadian circulation coin, and, fittingly, its design celebrates her creativity. Each Special Wrap Roll contains 25 coins with the same engraved view of L. M. Montgomery and the fictional Anne Shirley, as well as the idyllic Prince Edward Island landscape that connects them.

The easiest way to own the 2024 L. M. Montgomery $1 coin.

Born on November 30, 1874, L. M. Montgomery began to write her first novel, Anne of Green Gables, in 1905. While it is one of Canada’s most famous literary works today, and one of the bestselling books worldwide, the story was initially rejected by several publishers. Discouraged, Montgomery stored the manuscript away in a hatbox. Later, when she re-read it, she decided to try one more time. L.C. Page & Company published the novel in 1908 to instant acclaim; it was an immediate best-seller and has never been out of print.

Designed by Canadian artist Brenda Jones, the $1 coin’s reverse features a profile portrait of beloved Canadian author L. M. Montgomery (1874-1942) around the time Anne of Green Gables was written, along with the author’s signature and the cat drawing she often included in inscriptions. As a tribute to the power of imagination in Montgomery’s life and works, the coin design flows from the view of the author putting pen to paper (represented by the portfolio and inkwell) to that of the novel’s eponymous heroine gazing out at Canada’s Prince Edward Island—the idyllic setting for Anne of Green Gables, and the real-life inspiration for many of Montgomery’s stories. The obverse features the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III by Canadian artist Steven Rosati.

RCM Number: 246753
Mintage: 10,000
Composition: Multi-ply brass-plated steel
Weight: 6.27 g (per coin)
Diameter: 26.5 mm
Edge: Plain
Artist: Brenda Jones (reverse), Steven Rosati (obverse)

Special Features:

  • Canada celebrates L. M. Montgomery. The 2024 $1 commemorative circulation coin celebrates the life and literary works of one of Canada’s most widely read authors, L. M. Montgomery, on the 150th anniversary of her birth. The creator of Anne of Green Gables is the first author commemorated on a Canadian circulation coin.
  • A personal connection. The artist, Brenda Jones, has a family connection to Anne of Green Gables: her grandparents owned the Green Gables house associated with the story. The original house is now part of the Green Gables Heritage Place in Cavendish, P.E.I., where millions from around the world have come to walk in Montgomery’s footsteps and with her imagined characters.
  • An instant addition. Whether colourized or non-colourized, a Special Wrap Roll is the only way to obtain the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of L. M. Montgomery $1 coin directly from us. A 99.99% pure silver coin is also available to collectors. Collect them all!
  • Collect Canada’s coins by the roll. Each Special Wrap Roll contains 25 non-colourized (engraved only) $1 150th Anniversary of the Birth of L. M. Montgomery coins, which come in a custom paper wrap inspired by the coin design.
  • The first commemorative issue with the new effigy. The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of L. M. Montgomery is the first Canadian commemorative circulation coin issued in 2024, and the first of its kind to feature the new Canadian effigy of His Majesty King Charles III.
  • All are uncirculated coins. Inside each Special Wrap Roll, all 25 coins are uncirculated – they all have a newly minted quality and feature the same reverse design.
  • A view of the coins’ reverse design, visible on one or both ends of the roll. The production process and quality assurance for uncirculated Special Wrap Rolls allows for either the reverse design on both ends or the reverse design on one end and the obverse on the other. It is not possible for the Mint to guarantee or foresee which of the two versions will be shipped.
  • A sentimental piece. A great gift or keepsake for readers, fans of the author’s many works, and the kindred spirits who relate to the imaginative heroine of Anne of Green Gables and her Island home.
  • Limited supply. Only 10,000 rolls are available.

    L.M. Montgomery and L.M. Montgomery’s signature and cat motif are trademarks of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc.

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