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Canada's 150th Anniversary: A Look at the Canada 150 Coins that the Royal Canadian Mint Released

In 2017, Canada is celebrating 150 years in existence. As part of this big anniversary, the country is offering activities across the nation. It is easy for anyone to get involved in the Canada 150 activities by volunteering, organizing or simply enjoying the events. Across Canada, events will be taking place to celebrate this big achievement such as sporting events, walks, the arts and more.

For coin collectors, 2017 is a big year. The Royal Canadian Mint has decided to create special coins to commemorate the anniversary as they do with every major anniversary in Canada. Canada 150 coins have been created in a variety of ways, each unique and eye-catching. Get to know a few of these unique coins below.

2017 Proudly Canadian

Show off your Canadian pride with this unique glow-in-the-dark coin, the 2017 Proudly Canadian. This unique coin has a value of $5 and is created from 99.99% silver. The coin features a beautifully coloured red-and-white flag of Canada and comes packaged in a festive folder featuring fireworks. Once the coin has been exposed to light it will glow in the dark, just like real fireworks do in the night sky. The commemorative dates of 1867-2017 are included on the coin to mark the 150th anniversary.

2017 Canada 150 Most Affordable

This coin option from the Royal Canadian Mint is a three coin subscription which includes the Spirit of Canada coin, Heart of Our Nation coin and the Proudly Canadian coin. Each coin is created from 99.99% pure silver and tells the story of Canada. After ordering, you will receive this collection of coins in a unique folder-style package that can be stored or displayed.

2017 Classic Canadian Coin Special Wrap Roll Collection

To add more to your Canadian coin collection, consider opting for this special wrap roll collectible set. This collection features coins that depict the classic emblems found in Canadian coin currency and were specially minted for the 150th celebration. In this collection, you will receive a roll of 2 dollar coins, 1 dollar coins, 25 cent coins, dimes and nickels, all displayed in a finely crafted case. Image design depicted on the coins include the polar bear, common loon, caribou, Bluenose and the beaver. This is a rare opportunity for coin collectors to own the classic coin designs as the Royal Canadian Mint will not be placing these coins in circulation.

2017 Proof Pure Silver Dollar

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, the Royal Canadian Mint has created the 2017 Proof Pure Silver Dollar. This beautiful coin has a modern twist to the traditional design of Canadian coins and includes a lovely design by Rebecca Yanovskaya, an artist of Canada. Made of pure 99.99% silver, this coin is essential to any collection.

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