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Being passionate about a particular hobby or activity is a great thing. If your hobby has to do with collecting rare and valuable coin pieces, you are in luck. Becoming a coin collector is an interesting way of spending your free time. The best thing about getting into numismatics is the fact that there are millions of fellow collectors, dealers, and hobbyists. This means you are able to get not just valuable information about coin pieces and sets but also learn from professionals in the business. Colonial Acres Coins has over 25 years of professional experience, read on to discover more about what to expect from our expert staff.

Colonial Acres Coins: Where Expertise Meets Availability

Colonial Acres Coins is a leader when it comes to interesting, rare, old but also new coin pieces and sets. From coins that date back to the founding of Canada as an independent nation to the latest coin issues of the Royal Canadian Mint and other national Mints around the world, Colonial Acres is where you want to be. The expert team of professionals at Colonial Acres has more than two decades of experience dealing and appraising coins and informing experienced and novice collectors.

What Can I Expect To Find If I Visit Colonial Acres Coins?

Colonial Acres has made a reputation for offering diverse, rare and interesting coins to collectors. Some of the latest editions from mints around the world include:

  • The latest Royal Canadian Mint coins & sets
  • The latest Australia & New Zealand Mint coins and sets
  • The Charlton Standard Catalogue
  • The latest USA Coin sets
  • The latest USA Proof sets


Coins have been created within the Royal Canadian Mint ever since it was established in 1908. To date, it has created some of the most valued and sought after coin pieces in Canadian history. As of 2018, which will mark the 110th anniversary of the Mint, you can expect to see several special edition coins and other products to mark the occasion. Some of these will include:

  • The 2018 Pure Gold One Kilogram Lunar Lotus Coin – Year of the Dog
  • The 2018 5 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Polar Bear Soapstone Sculpture
  • The 2018 1.oz Pure Silver Coin – Ice Crystals
  • The Pure Silver Rose Gold-Plated Maple Leaf Quartet – Thirty Years (1988-2018)


Colonial Acres Coins is home to a number of different coins and products from the Australian and New Zealand Mints. Among the Perth Mint products you can get at Colonial Acres are some of the following pieces:

  • The Pre-Order 2018 Australia 50-Cent Baby Dog ½oz. Silver Proof
  • The 2018 Australia $1 Citizenship Coin in Card
  • The 2018 Australia $2 Figure Eight Dragon 2oz. Silver Antiqued
  • The 2018 Tuvalu Year of the Dog Silver Proof 4-Coin Typeset

Similarly, New Zealand Mint coins and products available for purchase include:

  • The 2018 Niue $2 Year of the Dog 1oz. Fine Silver
  • The 2018 Niue $2 Stormtrooper 1oz. .999 Silver
  • The 2018 Niue $2 Hawksbill Turtle 1oz. Silver
  • The 2018 Niue $2 Disney – With Love Heart Shaped Fine Silver


If you pay a visit to Colonial Acres Coins, you will also be able to get your hands on several editions of the Charlton Standard Catalogue. When it comes to reference books and general coin supplies, the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins is THE source that reports on all aspect of the Canadian numismatic scene. Get your hands on different editions while they are in stock.


Needless to say that various USA Coin Sets are also available. If you are interested in adding some of these coins to your collection, Colonial Acres is the place for you. Among the numerous USA coins and coin sets available are some of the following:

  • 2000 USA Statehood Quarter 10-Coin Set – Both P&D Mint Singles
  • 2016 US Presidential Dollar 6-Coin Set – P&D Mints
  • 2017 USA Uncirculated Coin Set
  • 2013 Canada $75 Superman: The Early Years 14K Gold Coin


A number of different USA Proof Sets await their future owners as well. When it comes to the proof sets and products you can expect to purchase:

  • 2017 USA Silver Proof Set
  • 2016 United States Silver Proof Set
  • 2010 Canada 50-Cent Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1/25 oz. Fine Gold
  • 2018 United States Red Book Guide of United States Coins – 71st Edition


Remember that Colonial Acres Coins is your go-to resource for all things related to numismatics. Whether it is rare and valuable coins, entire coin collections, the latest edition pieces or simple information on various coin products, Colonial Acres has it all. Visit us in store, online at and even our Facebook page for the latest updates and deals to ensure your collection has everything it needs and more.

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