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Paper Money Phase-out Program

You may be richer than you know!
Come see us for a
Free Appraisal
of your old banknotes before you take them to your bank!

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Before you worry that your old money will be worthless, remember that even though the government may strip the legal tender status off certain old non circulating issues that the Bank of Canada will still accept the notes at face value.

But before you go running to the bank to cash in your old notes you may be richer than you know. The collector value of old bank notes is a strong market and many notes sell for high premiums above their monetary face value. At Colonial Acres Coins we offer Free Appraisals and will buy your notes at top dollar with our competitive buy rates. Come see us first and find out if you have some hidden treasures in old banknotes!

Sample Buy Rates:


(Chartered, Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada and World Banknotes)
*Note values below are subject to change based on condition and variety types*
$1000 to $20,000

$25,000 to $100,000+

$2000 to $20,000+

$2000 to $10,000+

$1100 to $10,000+

$1025 to $1800

$2.50 to $50 *some varieties worth more*

$1.25 to $50 *some varieties worth more*

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