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2024 Canada $30 Multifaceted Animal Family: Timber Wolves Fine Silver (No Tax)

2024 Canada $30 Multifaceted Animal Family: Timber Wolves Fine Silver (No Tax)

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Canada’s timber wolf, seen from a different angle

Wolves have traditionally symbolized confidence and courage in the wild, but they also exhibit such traits as dedication and loyalty, as evidenced by their close family and social bonds. These very traits are on display on the third Multifaceted Animal Family coin, where a mother timber wolf watches over her three curious pups, in another tender moment that unfolds in the Canadian wilderness. This close-knit family has been rendered in a bold geometric art style within a classically engraved scene in order to present a more multifaceted view of the species and the boreal forest ecosystem it inhabits.

Coin #3 in the Multifaceted Animal Family series..

Timber wolves, also known as grey wolves or Canis lupus (they’re the same species), live in packs, and all members work together to hunt and rear their young. Pups stay with their parents’ pack until they reach breeding age, roughly around age 2 or 3, at which time they strike out to find a mate and form a new pack.

The reverse design by Canadian artist W. Allan Hancock catches a timber wolf (Canis lupus) family in a relaxed moment outside of their den, as a mother watches over her three playful pups. Set in a traditionally engraved forest landscape, each timber wolf is rendered in a multifaceted, geometric art style that produces a more multidimensional form. The obverse features a polygon pattern and the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III by Canadian artist Steven Rosati.

RCM Number: 247017
Mintage: 4,500
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Weight: 62.69 g
Diameter: 50 mm
Face Value: $30
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated
Artists: W. Allan Hancock (reverse), Steven Rosati (obverse)

Special Features:

  • Third coin in the series. See the animal world from yet another angle with this third Multifaceted Animal Family coin! The perfect fusion of modern engraving and classic art, its reverse design reveals a more tender side of an iconic species that is typically portrayed as a symbol of strength.
  • Multifaceted engraving. Multifaceted engraving is an innovative approach to minting dimensional art. By applying it to a wildlife species whose shape is well known, the highly reflective geometric facets elevate the fauna design and transform it into something truly unique.
  • A classic forest setting. While multifaceted engraving brings the timber wolf family to life, their forest habitat has been rendered in a more traditional landscape art style.
  • Large canvas. Crafted in 99.99% pure silver, your coin features a 50 mm diameter—an uncommon size that provides plenty of space for all the engraved details.
  • Mix of finishes. With a uniformly brilliant finish, many of the portrait’s finer details would get lost in the mix; instead, we’ve opted to use multiple finishes that create a sense of distance and depth.
  • Obverse pattern. On the coin’s obverse, an array of laser-engraved polygon shapes—a nod to the multifaceted elements on the reverse—form a dynamic pattern behind the effigy.
  • Low mintage. Limited to just 4,500 coins worldwide.

The coin is encapsulated and presented in a black Royal Canadian Mint-branded clamshell with a black beauty box.

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