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2024 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set

2024 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set

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Mark the RCAF Centennial with a fine silver rendering of the RCAF badge – a set exclusive.

The identifying mark of Canada’s Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) badge stands for valour and duty, uniting present-day RCAF personnel and their trailblazing predecessors and symbolizing the contributions and sacrifices that have made – and continue to make – the RCAF what it is today.

Exclusively available as part of this set, the 2024 Special Edition Silver Proof Dollar is a salute to RCAF personnel past and present. Through its re-creation of the RCAF badge, the coin’s reverse is a visual representation of a century of history and heritage; honouring the service and achievements of not only Canadians, but also people from the Americas, Europe and around the world who have supported and enabled air and space capability in Canada and around the world through their involvement in RCAF operations.

Honouring RCAF members who serve and have served!

After being dissolved among five different commands in 1968, forming the unified Canadian Armed Forces, the RCAF’s air units and assets were consolidated once more in 1975 under the newly formed Air Command, which reverted back to its historical name – the Royal Canadian Air Force – in 2011. The insignia featured on this coin’s reverse was unveiled in 2013. It features the motto Sic Itur ad Astra (“Such is the pathway to the stars”), which was first granted to the RCAF’s precursor, the Canadian Air Force, in 1920, changing to the Royal Air Force’s Per Ardua ad Astra (“Through adversity to the stars”) in 1923 after the Canadian Air Force was allowed to use the title “Royal”; Sic Itur ad Astra was reinstated in 1975.

A set exclusive, the Special Edition Proof Dollar’s reverse is double-dated to commemorate the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Centennial (“1924 - 2024”). It features a faithful tribute of the RCAF badge featuring an eagle with outstretched wings superimposed on a Canadian Armed Forces Command badge frame, which consists of a circlet flanked by maple leaves and surmounted by the Royal Crown; beneath the whole and upon a scroll is the RCAF motto, Sic Itur ad Astra (“Such is the pathway to the stars”). The obverse features the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III by Canadian artist Steven Rosati.

RCM Number: 246446
Mintage: 20,000
Finish: Proof
Artist (proof dollar): RCAF (reverse), Steven Rosati (obverse)

Composition Weight Diameter Edge
Proof Dollar 99.99% pure silver 23.17 g 36.07 mm Reeded
2 dollars Outer ring: Nickel-plated steel
Inner core: Brass-plated aluminum bronze
6.99 g 28.03 mm Interrupted Serrations
1 dollar Brass-plated steel 6.27 g 26.50 mm
50-cents Nickel-plated steel 6.90 g 27.13 mm Reeded
25-cents 4.44 g 23.88 mm
10-cents 1.75 g 18.05 mm
5-cents 3.95 g 21.24 mm Plain

Special Features:

  • The RCAF Centennial commemoration continues. In 2024, the RCAF Centennial is an opportunity to honour the history and heritage of Canada’s Air Force, and to recognize RCAF personnel’s contributions to military and civil aviation, national security, international peace and their service to Canada.
  • Putting the special in Special Edition. We don’t typically create a separate design for the Special Edition Silver Dollar in this set– it usually features a variation of the year’s Proof Dollar – but this set’s Proof Dollar puts the focus squarely on RCAF personnel represented by the insignia.
  • RCAF Badge. The RCAF badge provides a strong, visually compelling design that is rooted in history, and this coin gave our Engravers the opportunity to bring the insignia to life in a new way.
  • A set exclusive. Crafted in 99.99% pure silver, the Special Edition Proof Dollar is only available as part of this set, – and features a unique design that won’t be appearing on any other 2024 coins, making it a coveted RCAF Centennial collectible.
  • Double-dated to mark the anniversary. Engraved on the coin’s reverse, the double dates “1924 – 2024” commemorate the RCAF Centennial and its 100 years of service.
  • Book-style packaging. The Special Edition Proof Dollar is presented in book-style packaging alongside six other Canadian circulation coins – one of every circulation denomination issued in 2024, and all of them minted in a proof finish.
  • For the love of the hobby and RCAF history. A must-have for many collectors, this set also makes a great gift for those who serve or have served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, for their family and friends, and anyone with close ties to the RCAF and its history.
  • Limited mintage. Only 20,000 sets are available to collectors worldwide.

The Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set is presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded, book-style packaging with a removable lens for easy viewing.

The badge of the Royal Canadian Air Force used courtesy of the Department of National Defence.

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