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2016 Canadian Salmonids $20 3-coin Set with Fishing Lure (TAX Exempt)

2016 Canadian Salmonids $20 3-coin Set with Fishing Lure (TAX Exempt)

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2016 Canadian Salmonids $20 Fine Silver 3-Coin Set.

Mention the word salmon and images of powerful, unstoppable fish swimming upstream immediately come to mind. This 3-coin Series promises to capture fishers hook, line and sinker as it celebrates Canada's indigenous salmonid species, starting with the Atlantic salmon. This "King of Fish" swims in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans-and it's true to form in this energizing, colour-enhanced design!

Coin 1: Atlantic Salmon
Coin 2: Arctic Char
Coin 3: Sockeye Salmon

Comes with a Len Thompson Fishing Lure

A FIRST! Your coins are the first where the Royal Canadian Mint has featured a fish in colour on a coin!

LARGER THAN YOUR AVERAGE 1 OZ. SILVER COIN! Fittingly, these coins' 40 mm size offers a bigger canvas for these beautifully coloured depiction of salmons!

Selective colour and finishing technology beautifully enhances the engraved portraits of salmons!
Your coins are GST/HST exempt!

First coin design, the Atlantic Salmon:

Designed by Canadian artist Curtis Atwater, your coin features the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) during its upstream journey to spawning grounds in one of the many rivers flowing through the boreal forests of Eastern Canada. In the skilfully engraved background, several migrating salmon can be seen leaping out of the fast-moving waters to ascend the rocky waterfall. Selective colour superbly highlights the salmon in the foreground, whose tail is curled up as it angles forward with great energy. Re-adapting to freshwater conditions, the mature salmon's glistening appearance has altered from the silver of its saltwater existence to a bronze-green hue with black and reddish spots. The entirety of the design conveys a high sense of energy in this pristine outdoor setting, as water splashes out from these "jumping" fish onto the band that frames the reverse, where the word "CANADA", the year "2016", and the face value "20 DOLLARS" are also engraved.
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