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Colonial Acres Coins

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2016 Canada $50 The Hare ($50 for $50 #4) Fine Silver Coin (No Tax)

2016 Canada $50 The Hare ($50 for $50 #4) Fine Silver Coin (No Tax)

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2016 $50 Hare ($50 for $50 series) - Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt) 151087

The swift arctic hare, Lepus arcticus, is a study in adaptability, embodying the unique traits necessary for life in the Canadian Arctic. North America's largest hare relies on camouflage and breathtaking agility in a frozen habitat that offers few places to hide from predators. Environment-specific adaptations, like short rounded ears, a foreshortened fur-covered snout, powerful hind legs, and front claws for digging in the snow, have enabled it to thrive in the open tundra for millennia.

Item Number: 151087
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Mintage: 90,000
Weight (g): 15.87
Diameter (mm): 34
Face Value: $50
Finish: Matte Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- An original and highly detailed work of art rendered in 99.99% pure silver, this captivating coin designed by Canadian wildlife artist Emily Damstra captures an iconic Canadian species in a timeless moment within its natural habitat.
- A high-denomination fine silver coin at a highly affordable price.
- Show-stopping detail and the use of multiple finishes brings the reverse engraving to life, lending depth and drama to the image of a bounding hare as it escapes a wolf in close pursuit.

Clear vinyl pouch in a certificate booklet.
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