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2016 Canada $25 Sculptural Art - Grotesque Wild Green Man (TAX Exempt)

2016 Canada $25 Sculptural Art - Grotesque Wild Green Man (TAX Exempt)

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2016 Canada $25 Sculptural Art of Parliament - Grotesque Wild Green Man (TAX Exempt)

First coin design, the Grotesque Wild Green Man:

Engraved in ultra-high relief, your coin was inspired by pieces from the East Block of Parliament, reinterpreted by Dominion Sculptor Phillip White. This fierce and wild-eyed figure has ancient links to pre-Christian mythology and is believed to symbolize growth and rebirth, the cycles of life. He is often depicted with dense foliage, and here, his hair, brows, moustache and beard are made of leaves-a wildly mysterious grotesque exquisitely crafted in ultra-high relief.

The buildings that stand on Parliament Hill are among the most important examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the world. These historic buildings echo the architectural style of medieval Europe, but those who look beyond the pointed archways, buttresses and extensive stonework will discover an enigmatic world of uniquely Canadian images carved into wood and stone-maple leaves, Canadian fauna and flora, satirical scenes, First Nations mythology, snarling gargoyles, dinosaurs and countless fantastical characters known as grotesques.

This unprecedented series features three of the most captivating grotesques to pique the interest of art lovers, architects, historians, and collectors alike. Each coin was designed by Phillip White, a Canadian artist who has been Canada's official Dominion Sculptor since 2006 and who has an intimate knowledge of the thousands of figures that adorn Parliament Hill. Every detail has been painstakingly reproduced, and every coin has been struck numerous times to achieve the ultra-high relief necessary to capture the depth, dimension and drama of the original sculpture-a unique art form rarely seen beyond the halls and walls of Parliament Hill!

Composition:99.99% pure Silver
Weight (g): 30.75
Diameter: 36mm
Edge: plain
Face value:25 dollars
Artist:Phillip White (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)
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