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Colonial Acres Coins

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2015 Canada $250 In The Eyes of the Cougar Kilo Fine Silver (No Tax)

2015 Canada $250 In The Eyes of the Cougar Kilo Fine Silver (No Tax)

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2015 Canada $250 In The Eyes of the Cougar Kilo Fine Silver (No Tax)

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Few would contest the cougar's reputation as a stealthy hunter that relies on its keen senses to survive in remote areas of western Canada. Its exceptional vision is uniquely adapted to allow the cougar to hunt its prey during any time of day - a feature that is beautifully showcased in this coin.

The reverse image by Canadian artist Glen Loates offers a close-up portrait of the cougar (Felis concolor). Here, the shy predator's piercing gaze is decidedly fixed upon the viewer as though each one is studying the other. But the selective use of coloured enamel ensures the female cougar's eyes are the image's focal point; the distinctive greenish hue recreates the light-reflective qualities of the animal's eyes, which are protected from the bright light conditions by the contracted pupils. The large cat's facial features are also rendered in fine detail, from its short fur to its visible whiskers and attentive ears.

Item Number: 141763
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Mintage: 500
Weight (g): 1,000
Diameter (mm): 102.1
Face Value: $250
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- A unique opportunity to get a close view of a cougar - a formidable predator that relies on its exceptional vision to capture its prey.
- The use of coloured enamel showcases the cougar's eyes by recreating their luminous qualities; the design also creates an impression that both the viewer and the animal are locked in an exchange of gazes.
- This finely detailed rendering of the cougar's facial features exemplify the Royal Canadian Mint's internationally renowned artistry and craftsmanship.
- Part of a continuing series that celebrates the distinctive eyes of some of Canada's renowned wildlife.
- A remarkable addition to any Canadiana- or wildlife-themed collection.

Maple wood clamshell with black beauty box.
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