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2015 Canada 25-cent Haunted Canada - Brakeman Lenticular Coin

2015 Canada 25-cent Haunted Canada - Brakeman Lenticular Coin

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2015 25-cent Brakeman - Haunted Canada Coin - 146941

Ghosts, unexplained events and hauntings, there is no shortage of these stories from across Canada. Many have been told and retold so often that fact and fiction are nearly indistinguishable from one another. Canadians of all ages delight in sharing these tales of life and death, of love and tragedy, and of duty and devotion-including the haunting story of the headless brakeman, as retold by this second coin in the Haunted Canada series of lenticular coins.

- The second in the Royal Canadian Mint's Haunted Canada series of coins, which brings to life some of Canada's legendary ghost stories.
- The lenticular design retells the chilling tale of Vancouver's headless brakeman; by tilting the coin from side to side, the ghostly apparition of the brakeman is seen in great detail before the light from the lantern suddenly goes out, leaving the viewer alone in the dark train tunnel with this eerie, shadowy presence.
- The first coin in the series proved to be very popular with collectors, and this coin will likely be just as sought-after.
- A thrilling and original gift for those who enjoy a good ghost story.
- An affordable way to introduce a young person to the excitement of coin collecting.
- A unique addition to any lenticular or Canadiana-themed collection.

Maroon clamshell with black beauty box
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