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2015 Canada $10 Dragonfly - Pygmy Snaketail Fine Silver (No Tax)

2015 Canada $10 Dragonfly - Pygmy Snaketail Fine Silver (No Tax)

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2015 $10 Pygmy Snaketail Fine Silver Coin - Dragonfly (TAX Exempt) 142565

Celebrate the timeless beauty of Canada's dragonflies with the Royal Canadian Mint's popular Dragonfly series, which features painted dragonfly species set against holograms. The third issue in this series features the rare pygmy snaketail (Ophiogomphus howei).

Item Number: 142565
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Mintage: 10,000
Weight (g): 15.87
Diameter (mm): 34
Face Value: $10
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- The third coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's exciting Dragonflies series, which features painted images of dragonflies set against a hologram background image of their natural habitat.
- As the coin is tilted back and forth, the hologram technology - which represents its natural habitat - captures the full rainbow spectrum of colours from any light source.
- An exquisite addition to any nature-themed or specialty coin collection.

Maroon clamshell with black beauty box
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