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2014 Canada 50-cent Christmas Tree Cupronickel Lenticular Coin

2014 Canada 50-cent Christmas Tree Cupronickel Lenticular Coin

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2014 Canada 50-cent Christmas Tree Cupronickel Lenticular Coin

The magic of the holidays often lies in the traditions that create some of our most treasured memories. And for many Canadians, the selection of a Christmas tree is as much of a time-honoured tradition as decorating one! This stylized lenticular coin follows one tree's journey from the outdoors to an indoor setting, where it plays a central role in one family's joyous holiday celebrations.

The reverse features a dual image which, based on the angle at which it is viewed from, alternates between two modern, stylized holiday images by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn. The first image makes use of the cool colours of blue and violet to set the tone for a wintery scene: soft snowflakes drifting down from the twinkling night sky onto the forest below. Flanked by two smaller trees, one evergreen stands prominently in the centre of the image field. As the coin is angled, lenticular technology cleverly causes the images to switch. The tree occupies the same central position but in the second image, the viewer is transported indoors where the tree has now become one family's Christmas tree. The shining moon from the first image is replaced by the glowing star-shaped tree topper, as two young girls adorn the tree with the last few ornaments. There is energy in the air as the children take part in this cherished holiday tradition, undoubtedly awaiting the moment when they can unwrap the neatly wrapped gifts that are at their feet. The vibrant colours of red, green and yellow offer a visual representation of the warmth and energy that fill the air during the holiday season.

Item Number: 130619
Composition: Cupro-nickel
Mintage: 20,000
Weight (g): 13.7
Diameter (mm): 35
Face Value: 50 cents
Finish: Specimen
Edge: Plain

Special Features:
- The eighth coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's beloved series of holiday-themed lenticular coins.
- This 2014 coin features a more stylized and modern image of a cherished holiday tradition than those featured on previous coins in the series.
- The two-image lenticular design follows one tree's journey from a wintry outdoor setting to its transformation as the centrepiece for one family's Christmas celebrations.
- The use of cool colours in the first image conveys the cold of the winter landscape, while the second image features bright, vibrant colours - a visual representation of the excitement that fills the air during the holidays!
- Makes for the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer for a loved one!

Maroon clamshell with protect sleeve.
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