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2014 Canada 25-cent Haunted Canada - Ghost Bride Cupronickel (#1)

2014 Canada 25-cent Haunted Canada - Ghost Bride Cupronickel (#1)

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2014 Canada 25-cent Haunted Canada - Ghost Bride Cupronickel (#1)

From coast to coast, Canadians have long recounted ghost stories that both delight and frighten people of all ages! With its exciting new Haunted Canada series, the Royal Canadian Mint brings to life many of these tales, beginning with the legend of the Ghost Bride...

This cupronickel coin is 35 millimeters in diameter. Its reverse design features a portrait of a bride with her eyes closed, her bridal headdress softly cascading over her shoulders. Thanks to the creative use of lenticular technology, a uniquely haunting effect is produced when the coin is tilted: the bride's eyes suddenly spring open, while the candles that lined the staircase light up the once-black background. Below the Ghost Bride is the familiar image of the setting for our story: the majestic Fairmont Banff Springs. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Item Number: 129430
Composition: Cupronickel
Mintage: 15,000
Diameter (mm): 35
Face Value: 25 cent
Finish: Specimen
Edge: Plain

Special Features:
- This "hauntingly" beautiful cupronickel coin is the first in the Royal Canadian Mint's exciting new Haunted Canada series, which brings to life some of Canada's legendary ghost stories.
- The reverse image tells the story of the Ghost Bride: Legend has it that a bride has made the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel her eternal home since the 1930s when, upon stepping onto the staircase, she suddenly stumbled and tragically fell to her death! Since then, some claim to have seen an apparition dancing in the hotel's ballroom or walking down the staircase, as she did on that fateful day when death brought a tragic end to her love story - "Till death do us part."
- A 2-image Lenticular design brings the viewer face-to-face with the Ghost Bride! Tilt the coin and the bride's eyes suddenly open while behind her, the once-black background is filled with lit candles - the same candles that lined the staircase on her wedding day. But tilt the coin again... and the eyes close shut!
- Mintage is limited to 15,000 for this coin.
- A beautiful gift for those who love both ghost stories and tragic love stories, and a great addition to any specialty coin collection.

Maroon clamshell with black beauty box
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