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Colonial Acres Coins

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2014 Canada $20 Seven Sacred Teachings - Honesty Fine Silver (No Tax)

2014 Canada $20 Seven Sacred Teachings - Honesty Fine Silver (No Tax)

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2014 Canada $20 Seven Sacred Teachings - Honesty Fine Silver (No Tax)

The legendary giant Kitch-Sabe is featured in one of the Seven Sacred Teachings practiced by Aboriginal people throughout North America for living a full and happy life. Sabe's lesson is honesty; not merely speaking the truth and keeping promises, but more importantly, accepting and using one's own gifts and abilities to thrive instead of longing to be like others. People who are truly honest stand tall in the knowledge of who they are.

Canadian Metis artist Nathalie Bertin has created a powerful image of the towering yet friendly figure of the giant Kitch-Sabe welcoming a raven onto his arm. In the background, a bough of cedar, known for its protective and grounding qualities, reinforces Sabe's teaching of honesty.

Honesty is one of the Seven Sacred Teachings that honour the traditional concepts of respect and sharing that are the cornerstones of Aboriginal life. While variations of these teachings do exist throughout North America, this diversity only enriches them and underscores the universality of their wisdom. To be called 'honest' is the greatest honor.

Item Number 132626
Composition: 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating
Mintage: 7,000
Weight (g): 31.83
Diameter (mm): 40
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- Part of an outstanding collection of aboriginal wisdom and art, this is the fourth coin of the Seven Sacred Teaching series celebrating Honesty.
- The gold plated section of this coin portrays Kitch-Sabe, a giant who walked among the people to teach this sacred virtue. The raven also embodies this lesson. Both Kitch-Sabe and the raven are featured against a cedar background, another element related to the teaching.
- Unique to this series, each coin obverse offers a gold plated Queen along with the engraved weight and alloy type.
- Should you have an interest in First Nations art, culture and history or looking to honor an honest person in your surroundings, this stunning crafted 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating is sure to please.
- A limited-edition work of art with 7,000 coins available worldwide.

Maroon clamshell with custom beauty box.
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